Expression Number 3

Expression Number 3You know how to live life by the pleasure principle. You have an undauntable optimism and ambition that will carry you through, and allow very little to get you down or set you back.

You have tremendous personal charm which most people cannot resist. You have a facile and amusing command with words which can make you a social cynosure at any party. Languages and light writing are a snap for you.

You have a beautiful sense of artistic appreciation. You know how to make yourself and your environment as attractive as possible. With your radiant ability to command attention and communicate, you instinctively have an affinity with the performing arts. You have showmanship.

You are very versatile. You can handle many types of people and can use your talents in more than one field at a time. When you are finished with one thing, you are able to move on to something totally different with ease.

Facility with words can lead to gossip, alibis, and even lies.

The showman in you leads to extravagance and exaggeration when some things require simple and practical consideration.

Your versatility can lead to a superficial understanding of many things with no solid footing on any one.

Famous names with  Expression Number 3

Barbra Streisand (Barbara Joan Streisand)
Bette Davis (Ruth Elizabeth Davis)
Frank Sinatra (Francis Albert Sinatra)
Ava Gardner (Lucy Johnson)
Tallulah Brockman Bankhead
Pierre Cardin
Angela Lansbury (Angela Brigid Lansbury)
Paul Newman
Jack Lemmon (John Uhler Lemmon)
Robert Mitchum (Robert Charles Duran Mitchem)
Janis Joplin
Walt (Walter Elias) Disney
Prince Charles (Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor)
Gloria Steinem
Joan Shepard
Truman Capote
Ernest Miller Hemingway
James Jones
Gore Vidal
Malcolm X (Malcolm Little)
Adam Clayton Powell
George Corley Wallace
Claes Thure Oldenburg
Joseph L. (Leo) Mankiewicz