Expression Number 1

Expression Number 1You are a creative and independent thinker. You are a source of original ideas and you have the drive and ambition to put them into practice in a fast and efficient manner. You are a nonconformist who can pioneer totally new concepts or find new approaches to old situations.

You are a leader. You are self-centered and self-reliant, and you function best in situations where you work by yourself or in a position of leadership over loyal followers.

You are decisive and direct. You have the ability to see things clearly and will not allow the opinions of others or any other obstacles to get in your way. When you have made a decision, you move directly to the point and toward your goal and have no time for nonsense.

BACKFIRE A great amount of ego is necessary in carrying out original ideas (the conservatives will always buck you), but too much arrogance can alienate you from your followers and your potential achievements. Learn to cooperate.

Your lack of patience in getting things done can become a source of destructive frustration. Ideas come faster than their practical application. Cool it.

Original ideas are rare and can be stolen. Guard against knock-off artists.

Famous names with Expression Number 1

Diana Ross
John Winston Lennon
John Paul McCartney
Bob Dylan (Robert Zimmerman)
Robert Francis Kennedy
Edward Moore Kennedy
Ethel Kennedy (Ethel Skakel)
John Vliet Lindsay
Spiro Theodore Agnew
Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller
Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev
Sophia Loren (Sofia Scicolone)
Marlon Brando
David Merrick (David Margulies)
Salvador Dali
Alexander Calder
Alfred Joseph Hitchcock
Mike Nichols (Michael Igor Peschowsky)
Debbie Reynolds (Mary Frances Reynolds)
Gloria Swanson (Gloria May Josephine Swanson)
Kenneth Jay Lane
Penny Farrell (Clements Elizabeth Lindenmeyr)
Walter Matthau