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Life Path
LIFE PATH (Addition of Month + Day + Year = Life Path)

Life PathThe Life Path represents the lesson you have come to learn in this life time. As the title suggests – the lesson is an experience of life.

Some Numerologists call it a ‘Destiny Number‘ but I disagree. Destiny and fate are generally considered to be predetermined routes that suggest an unalterable outcome, thereby denying the existence of free will. The Life Path is only predetermined in a way but the path it represents is very wide and as we learn to master our talents and potential we will almost certainly stray from the true path many times. If everything is laid out in a series of predetermined events we are all wasting our time.

Although we cannot change the lesson we have to learn anymore than we can change our country of origin, we have the right to choose. We have the right to learn or not to learn.

If we choose to learn our Life Path we can develop our abilities to their fullest potential using the lesson as a guide. If we choose not to learn we may find that our lives lose a sense of meaning or purpose. Choosing to learn our lesson does not mean that our lives will be an easy ride but it does mean that we will have a far richer experience and a feeling that we can make a difference!

The Life Path is a passage through our current existence where we must learn to master one particular energy vibration. When the energy is ‘balanced’ we have succeeded, although we must continue to maintain it throughout our incarnation.

When we stray from the path we lose the balance. Too little, or ‘under balanced’, means we reject our natural potential and as a consequence stand little chance of satisfaction or fulfilment. This is quite common and the world is filled with people who never fulfil their full potential. Too much, or ‘overbalanced’ and the potential can be overbearing. Bigotry, dogmatism, autocracy and arrogance are but a few of the manifested and destructive forces. Too much or too little are both regarded as being negative; they are the promoters of chaos and the apostates of order and balance.

Each number energy is based upon a principle. To understand the principle fully we must explore it. We may be well into our adulthood before we get the hang of it. Many people go through life without any idea of what it is they are working towards. It can be a pretty ‘hit-and-miss’ affair that we can reach our full potential if we don’t even know what it is we are working towards!

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