Expression Number

EXPRESSION NUMBER (Total of all letters in name on Birth Certificate)

The Expression number is considered to be the outer personality; a combination of what we think (our Intellect) and what we feel (Motivation).

Whilst we begin life with an awareness, we develop a personality according to our surroundings, our upbringing, our interactions with others. We express ourselves through this number as it is the accumulation of our thoughts and feelings. In as much as the head and the heart can be at odds with each other, the way in which we express the result can allow others to read us like an open book or be fooled by an ability to build a façade. We can come across as being a dynamic person or laid back, quiet or loud, optimistic or pessimistic&hellip and so on.

The expression number does not necessarily give you a true picture of the person within. Most likely others who only see this part of a person would agree with the represented number but it is much more common that the inner person contains far more than the eyes will see purely by observation.

The Expression number describes the sum of our complete personality, all of our talents and personal potential that we will have at our disposal in this lifetime. It depicts our specific ‘tools of the trade’ hidden within our abilities and skills and describes the ideal version of ourselves that can develop, if we make the right choices in life.

One of the values of performing the Expression Number calculation is that it can be sometimes classed as a wake up call, for it can help us to remember what it was we always wanted to be when we were a little girl or boy. Although we may find it difficult to live up to the expectations of this important number vibration, it can aid in helping us to re-activate our original ambitions, if they have been discarded or forgotten along the way.

Without the fulfilment of the true values of this aspect, we may often feel empty or depressed no matter how successful we become. It’s by no accident that we have chosen the life we lead, since we are not casual tourists. We have come here with a purpose and are therefore equipped with the tools needed to achieve it.

Naturally we are attracted to occupations that we resonate to, so the Expression Number can be a strong indicator in our choice of a career. Once we are aware of our talents we can choose a job that best suits our character with relative ease and be continually happy with our choice of job–especially if our Life Path and Birthday Numbers offer us the right type of opportunities.

Our name is an exact record of our place in the cosmic plan; it is not an accident but a vibratory structure that we have built somewhere, created, experienced, and have now come to Express. It tells our inclusion in the law of human consciousness, just as the Path of Life of the present life indicates the causes we are meeting in this incarnation. It is understood that there is often a great difference between what we desire to do; our personality or appearance; and the methods by which we actually express ourselves in relation to our opportunities.

Our Expression is the vehicle we use, with all its virtues and vices; it drives us along the road of our Destiny. It is the essence of our identity. The Life Path is the road where our name travels and maps out what we must do along our journey through life and how best to do it.

Never the less, the Expression is the third most important Core Element Number ( Although the proportion of its energy is second only to the Life Path, the second most important number must be the Birth Day). The expression, like the Intellect and the Motivation numbers must be considered in conjunction with the Life Path. But equally, the Expression number is the total of the Motivation number and the intellect number and as such must also be read in the light of both.

The Expression number is derived from the complete sum of all the letters from your birth name.

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