Numerology Compatibility by Life Path

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Lovers Believe In Numerology Compatibility

The free numerology compatibility involves comparing the influence of the lucky numbers on the life of lovers and preparing the numerology chart, based on birthdate, name, and time of birth. Destiny numbers and birth numbers work best with numerology compatibility since they are not much complicated in calculations and they try to give the easy access to fore fortune that is hidden.

Day by day, we see the acceptance of numerology in various fields. The concept has expanded to numerous subjects and love or match- making too have drawn attention towards it. New generation lover birds want to know everything beforehand; what will be his beloved like and how their chemistry is going to work and so numerology is making vibes in this field.

Numerology is the methodical, scientific and philosophical study of numbers and their connection to and influences on human personality with time cycles are based on the basic number cycle of 1 to 9. The numbers are the symbols of the different stages involved in life. The modern numerology has developed a lot and diverted form older numerology and now focuses on lists of names, words, and dates trying to match numeric values related to your life cycle. They read and relate your facts associated. You know whatever you desire: lucky numbers, personal month, personal year, master number and alike.

Trying too many numbers in numerology compatibility will leave you confused and may also hurt you in some ways and you may land up in a fiasco. That will definitely mean that you are taking numerological terms too seriously! The number secrets cannot bring any loop hole to your match-making rather numerology forecast tries to make the bond stronger. Take the number calculations as fun and try to follow certain instructions that it gives.

It is suggested to take the numerology compatibility lightheartedly because, any wrong calculations may create a wide gap in the relationship. There are many factors that go on to contribute to a successful and strong relationship. Faith and understanding are the most working principles of love than anything else! The destiny number is not going to change the destiny that will create yourself.

Number Compatibility

Are you compatible with your souse, lover, roommate, boss, mailman? Find out using your date of birth and the Relationship Compatibility Number Chart. Easy, Fun, and Quick. And …you will be amazed at how close the information fits. Using Numerology, you really can gain insight into how you relate to others, and how they relate to you. The first step is to compute your unique number using your date of birth, then read the descriptions to learn all about you and others who touch your world.
Compute Your Unique Number

It is simple. There are nine basic numbers, Using your date of birth, just add all the numbers together, then keep adding the result thru until you reach a single digit. Example? Date of Birth – 07/22/1964 = 7 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 4 = 31 and 3 + 1 = 4. In this example your unique number is 4.

Basic Traits Of Each Individual Number – Learn All About You.

Number 1– Individualistic, leader, pioneer, strong willed, assertive, stands on own two feet. Vibrates to the energy of independence, leadership and decisiveness.

Number 2 – Peacemaker, mediator, the go-between, negotiator, ability to see both sides of a situation. Needs peace and harmony to function well. Dependable. Vibrates to the energy of service, devotion and peace.

Number 3 – Versatile. creative, cooperation, multitalented, expressive, full of zest, joy bringer, inspiration to others. Can scatter energy to thin. Vibrates to the energy of expression, the arts, public speaking, creativity.

Number 4 – Practical, organized, efficient, down to earth. Requires structure and does not adjust easily to change. Needs a tangible product as an end result to their work. Likes to build, remodel, and sees the world as a structured place. Vibrates to the energy of form, organization, earthly matters.

Number 5 – Communicator, witty, clever, versatile. Ability to speak most everyone’s language. Restless. Needs freedom and room to move to experience and discover life. Vibrates to the energy of the senses, freedom, communication.

Number 6 – Home, family, relationships are of primary importance. Requires balance, what is fair, and has an artistic creative ability. Concerned with domestic issues and trades that require a certain artistry. Vibrates to the energy of love, beauty and balance.

Number 7 – Fine mental capabilities, your strength is your mind. Likes to think, meditate and/or ponder life’s mysteries. Needs periods of time alone to re-energize and achieve balance. Philosophy, science, research are areas of interest. Vibrates to the energy of nature, healing, thought.

Number 8 – Tuned into the physical world. Work, strength, responsibility, business, finance, and endurance are key words for this number. Strong organization skills. Executive level leadership abilities. Gives much and needs equal in return. Vibrates to the energy of power, control, strength and balance.

Number 9 – Has a heart as big as the ocean. Humanitarian. Deep sense of understanding others feelings and thoughts. Can have difficulty letting go once a project is completed. Vibrates to the energy of charitable, forgiving and loving.

Relationship Compatibility Number Chart

1 with a 1-Leadership is the key word for both of you. Can be a dynamic combination. You would both want the same thing at the same time and join forces in competition. This combination requires cooperation.

1 with a 2-The 1 has the leadership, plans, and initiative. The 2 has the co-operation and talent to support and carry out the plans of the number 1. As partners, mates or co-workers, this is a winning combination, as each has what the other lacks.

1 with a 3-This combination can bring honor, fame and happiness. The 1’s originality and leadership ability coupled with the charm and magnetism of the 3 can lead to expanding ideas and accomplishment. The negative side is the 1 is impulsive and the 3 can scatter their energies to far.

1 with a 4-A good combination for business success. The 1 is the decision maker, the 4 is practical, thorough and supportive. But, the 1 can irritate the 4 with impulsiveness and the 4 can irritate the 1 with extreme caution.

1 with a 5-Both are active, changeable, with a dash of versatility. The 5 can sell the ideas of the 1. Good combination when working with education projects, but let the 5 do the publicity.

1 with a 6-The number 6 loves art, socializing, beauty and luxury and the number 1 can open these worlds by providing the spark, drive and leadership to accomplish a mutual outcome. Co-operation is a key word with this combination, as the number 1 may want things their own way.

1 with a 7-A spiritual or metaphysical relationship works well here. The 1 is the extrovert, the 7 is the introvert. The 7 needs time for privacy, analysis and thought, but can also act as a brake for the impulsiveness of the 1. Can be a good combination when in balance.

1 with a 8-Both numbers are aggressive and used to making their own decisions. This combination cooperates willing or become rivals. No in-between here. When energies are pooled in a common goal, this is a powerful combination. If opposites, the two could destroy each other.

1 with a 9-The 9’s depth of vision and breadth of understanding combined with the originality and dash of the 1 can create a combination of inventive genius. the 1 provides the diverse ideas, the 9 knows if they are workable.

2 with a 2-Perfect equilibrium and equal sharing are the watchwords here. Both like to build experiences, and are able to give and receive understanding. Work with rather than for each other, and do not get so bogged down into ideas that neither makes a decision.

2 with a 3-A popular combination. The 2 can win friends and influence people while the 3 expands upon friendships and injects life and spontaneity into them. The 3’s creative talents can be effectively managed and balanced by the 2.

2 with a 4-These two bring out the best in each other. Great harmony. The number 2 acts as a balance and co-coordinator while the 4 plans the practical basis for a solid foundation.

2 with a 5-This is an all or nothing experience. The 5 can talk and plan for both, and friction could occur if the 2 person pours cold water on the 5’s with and brilliance. When the 2 stays in the background providing strength when needed, the 5 produces magic. With the 5’s ability to communicate and the 2’s ability to bring ideas into the open and balance the energies, this combination can excel in all areas.

2 with a 6-The tact, magnetism and balance of the 2 combined with the love of beauty and the appreciation of home and family of the 6 person can attract the confidence of others who see these two people as sensitive, caring, artistic and cooperative. A successful combination of numbers.

2 with a 7-Harmonious combination. The 2 person understands and knows how to cooperate and the 7 person needs periods alone to meditate and perfect ideas that eventually can be shared beneficially by both. Here there is agreement and potential for growth on the spiritual plane together.

2 with a 8-Excellent money and financial combination. As a team, these two numbers can enjoy a reputation for honesty and fair dealings. Both are efficient, but the 8 could overshadow the 2 with a dynamic vibration. The 8 can rely on the 2’s diplomacy in all business dealings.

2 with a 9-The meditating and balancing capabilities of the 2 coupled with the insight and vision of the 9 person can produce a winning combination. Each contributes harmoniously to the other, and when both are working on a common goal, the momentum is increased. This combination can advance the needs of the world.

3 with a 3-Both are apt to take too many chances and believe in luck. This combination could extend themselves too far with big ideas and expansive methods of operating. There is a bit of the gambler in both of you. If you can tone down and control these urges, then this combination can tackle just about anything.

3 with a 4-This combination requires compromise. Each must listen to the other, as the 3 is expansive, expressive and free thinking while the 4 is saving and conservative. These qualities clash. The 3 needs to understand the 4’s desire for stability and caution. If the 4 can broaden their thinking, this combination can implement ideas with a firm foundation.

3 with a 5-These vibrations are harmonious but both go at full speed and do it now. The 3 can display ideas effectively thru expression and the 5 can sell them. Almost anything you try together can succeed, and there could be several projects at once to supply an outlet for all the ideas both can come up with.

3 with a 6-Both are congenial, and fond of pleasure and socializing. Understanding and harmony can exist between you because you have similar personality traits which can develop into a long lasting friendship.

3 with a 7-The 3 supplies the energy and inspiration while the 7 gives understanding and deep insight. This is a winning combination in which the mystical 7 benefits from the lively traits of the 3 and the 3 learns to examine the scattered energy pattern they have developed. The 3 needs to socialize, the 7 needs time alone. When this is understood, this combination can exist in harmony.

3 with a 8-The 3 has the talent for ideas, communication and effective advertising, the 8 has the power and drive in big business and philanthropic projects. Each supplements the other’s needs. If your aims are compatible, this can be a very effective combination.

3 with a 9-Cooperation and mutual understanding abound here, and perhaps the combination is too compatible. As a team you must bring your idealism into focus and realize that practicality is essential, and that the material world is as important as the spiritual.

4 with a 4-You are both builders in the material sense, and like to have visible products at the end of your endeavors. Your work must have practical value. Be careful that you do not become too immersed in the physical side of life, neglecting the spiritual. You both are too much alike, but a compatible combination.

4 with a 5-The practical side of the 4 can help to stabilize the number 5 who has the wit and a variety of ideas. The 5 communicates well, while the 4 provides balance. This can be a good combination mainly because you are so different. You will not tire of each other.

4 with a 6-Both are serious and practical, yet love pleasure enough to keep a balance between work and play. This can be a harmonious atmosphere of happiness and joy. The 4 will work for gains, while the 6 loves the home and the arts. The combined talents can lead to beautifying your surroundings.

4 with a 7-This is a good combination. The 4 lives in the material world while the 7 lives in the mental world. The 4’s strong practical planning coupled with the 7’s deep insight and imaginative talents can create a combination that can add up to solid achievement.

4 with a 8-You both have tendencies toward physical and material achievements. The 4 is more cautious while the 8 progresses in a larger and more sweeping way, but as a team you balance each other. The 4 handles the details. The 8 handles the big business deals.

4 with a 9-The 9 has much wisdom and insight which can help lift the 4 up from the material world and show the value of work in a higher plane. The 9 can learn the lesson of practical work on the material plane from the 4. There is an exchange of ideas and philosophies in this combination that provides reason and judgment.

5 with a 5-Nervous energy. This combination needs to channel their energies into work that is adventurous and exciting. Both love to travel and need intellectual stimulation. Neither likes to be tied down for long. To work well together, you will have to suppress outbursts that arise from all the nervous energy.

5 with a 6-A stimulating yet comfortable combination that can put others at ease. The 5 person intellectually stimulates and brings out the domestic and artistic qualities of the 6 person. The 6 lends form, beauty and order to the variety of ideas and the impulsive nature of the 5 person. A lot of home activity will take place when these two numbers are combined.

5 with a 7-Together this combination can be successful as long as there is mutual respect for each other. The 5 can drive the 7 crazy with too much talk and excitement, while the 7 may not be able to stimulate the 5 to the degree needed because of the quiet reserved approach. But the 7 can be a calming influence on the 5, and the 5 can bring some excitement and wit into the life of the number 7.

5 with a 8-You are both highly charged. The 5 in the area of ideas and communication, the 8 in the worlds of business, finance and sports. There is a great desire for adventure. If you combine your energies wisely, this combination can be magnetic.

5 with a 9-The 5 provides versatility and promotional abilities to present the 9’s insight into the realm of science and research. The 5 has the energy, know how and contacts, while the 9 has the wisdom to know when to move forward and when to hold. The 9 can help the 5 turn adventures into reliable and sustaining results. This can be a winning combination as long as the 9 does not try to hold down the freedom needed by the 5.

6 with a 6-There is a great gentleness and love of the home in this combination. Beauty, art and love are paramount, but there may be no real constructive stimulation going on as both are so similar in nature. Life can go along too peacefully here, while work is avoided in the interest of sweetness and roses.

6 with a 7-A tough combination to make work. The 6 is so involved in the domestic scene while the 7 is immersed in separate worlds of mind and thought. There is a danger of lack of communication in this combination that makes it difficult to be compatible.

6 with a 8-The 6 can offer the loving support and spark of imagination that can benefit the 8 person in whatever profession is chosen as a goal. The 8 person will be stronger in the area of business and finance and will most likely take the lead in this relationship. Caution is needed here such that the 8 does not over power the 6 in controlling ways, thus causing the 6 to shut down and not enjoy the vitality offered when both are experiencing harmonious moods.

6 with a 9-A compatible relationship and friendship. Both have mutual feelings about most subjects and believe that marriage demands the spirit of give and take. The 6 supplies the beauty in the home environment, while the 9 projects the truth and wisdom. Each teaches the other, the 6 in the domestic area, the 9 in the universal understanding of life.

7 with a 7-A peaceful combination, but lacks practicality. Both are mature in emotions and any arguments cannot endure long. The danger is both tend to live in the world of ideas and realize the transitory nature of the material world. The danger here is rejecting the physi9cal world as illusory and spending too much time in the mind, and not enough time working in the material sense leaving no one to pay the bills.

7 with a 8-Here the 8 provides strength while the 7 predicts the outcome. The 8’s organizational and executive abilities can greatly enhance the quiet 7’s insight and vision. Caution is needed here such that the 8 does not overpower the 7. The 7 can add the calm intellect the 8 needs to balance their daring and forceful ideas. When working in harmony, this combination can be an effective combination.

7 with a 9-Inner growth is a goal for both of you, and the university of ideas brings harmony, understanding and peace to the relationship. This is an almost perfect combination as you have a meeting of mind, heart and soul. A mystical relationship could develop here in which great wisdom can be shared.

8 with a 8-If you are ready for a revolution, team up. This is a power meets power combination, and both can excel together or be each others doom. If handled wisely, the combined strength and executive abilities here can present a united front to the world that cannot be beaten by any ordinary opposition. Too much ego or jealousy in this combination can bring it to a stand off. Move forward with caution.

8 with a 9-Here the 8 supplies the stability and values of the material world while the 9 exemplifies the universal philosopher. This is a good partnership for scientific or philanthropic research and activity. This can be a successful combination in the area of research, financial and economics.

9 with a 9-Universal compatibility. Both are intuitive, clear-sighted and creative. You understand the value of enhancing your own lives by giving and caring for others. A deep bond can grow between the two of you such that you give back to the world and to each other much enlightenment and wisdom. This is considered a destiny combination, as both gain from the relationship.