Birthday Number 9 In Numerology

Born on the 9th of the Month? Find out the Numerology of the 9 Birth Day

Number 9The individual characterized by Birthday Number 9 has a strong sense of justice and a very emotional nature that leads him to sympathizing and feeling sorry for the difficulties of others.

Very generous, selfless and compassionate, he is interested in public welfare so much that he would create harmony and prosperity not only for himself but for everyone.

A person who is characterized by the number nine as a birth date must work on his sensitiveness, which makes him too vulnerable; he is often touchy, offended, and if he does not change his way of being by putting boundaries and thus becoming more solid at a personal level, he may often be affected and feel a sense of dissatisfaction. He must learn to work more on his self-esteem in order to be less sensitive to the opinions and suggestions of the people around him.

As for his love life a number nine birth day is not inclined to marital life since he feels the universal feeling that binds humanity is more important than love within a couple for a single individual. His ideal partner is someone with a good degree of organization and who is well structured, very independent and open minded.

As for work, being an excellent speaker and a good preacher, a person born on the 9th of the month is attracted by activities in which he can express these characteristic. The key point for him is to be able to do something for the public welfare, so he may have jobs that have something to do with “social” aspects, alternative therapies, education or the promotion of charitable initiatives through a variety of humanitarian organizations.