Birthday Number 7 In Numerology

Born on the 7th of the Month? Find out The Numerology of the 7 Birth Day

Number 7The number seven birthday indicates a brilliant individual, very instinctive and intuitive, who is oriented toward an intellectual untraditional education, so he might be considered very unconventional from others.

He lives with a sensation of being guided by an inner and higher wisdom, and due to his attitude, which makes him a little bit of a critic and too much of a know-all, people may keep away from him. He has difficulty in asking others for help and this can often create a sense of loneliness.

A person characterized by Birthday Number 7 is very selective in choosing his friends, at times he prefers to be alone and decides to keep others away, especially if he starts to perceive them as being too intrusive and invasive. He is a loner but has many interests that he wants to develop for himself.

He is a fairly romantic person but without exaggerating. However, love is important for him, and he needs a partner that is very free, independent and even a little bit eclectic, with whom to do things together but also to live each with many separate spaces.

At work his best skills are analytical ones, as well as perseverance and concentration. A person born on the 7th of the month prefers to work on his own where he can organize his time and the way he wants to do it. He is good at carrying out tasks requiring specific abilities, such as research, computer programming, quality control, writing and financial analysis.