Birthday Number 21 In Numerology

Born on the 21th of the Month? Find out The Numerology of the 21 Birth Day

The individual born on day 21 has a vivacious intellect, great curiosity and cordiality. Birthday Number 21 individual shows a friendly attitude and is optimistic and warm. He has a personality that bewitches and seduces since he possesses great expressive faculties; he is charming and he can relax others.

The person born on the 21th of the Month must take care not to exercise excessive power over others and to remain sensitive to the environment that surrounds him without trying to make it curbed to his demands. He dedicates much of his time to his most loved pastimes and manages to be rejuvenated thanks to his interests.

Despite having all these qualities, at times The number twenty one birth day seems to be satisfied too easily. If on the one hand this allows him to live well, at times he abandons developing his abilities to their best.

The Numerology of the 21 Birth Day points out that he must give himself more important goals to work better on himself. He is very creative and loves to be surrounded with trustworthy friends with whom he can exchange. Thanks to his friendly attitude and his optimism he has no difficulty obtaining fulfilment in this field.

In love birthday number 21 person is very tender, but he is possessive and can be jealous. He is an excellent companion but he does not like dealing with the practical management of the house and even less so, small maintenance jobs which he cannot tolerate. The individual characterised by the 21 day of Birth Number does not love, in any case, to dedicate his time to the house and therefore needs to find companions who can be responsible for this side of his daily nature.

Instead, the number 21 birthday can hold any intellectual profession or have a job that involves beauty, art, the press, publicity, tourism and the hotel sector. Given his great dialogue abilities, he can succeed at best in sales and in having contact with the public.