Birthday Number 2 In Numerology

Born on the 2nd of the Month? Find out the Numerology of the 2 Birth Day

Number 2The individual characterised by Birthday Number 2 is sensitive, friendly and optimistic. He manages to adapt sufficiently, but to be serene he needs his own space.

His continuous desire for harmony leads him to avoid all situations of conflict, because his character is not able to face this, so much so he tends to delegate his problems to others who are able to solve conflicts thanks to a stronger personality.

The person born on the 2nd of the Month is a loyal friend, nevertheless he is insecure and needs people who are able to reassure him. Being shy and very fearful of loneliness in the first phases of his life, he might surround himself with not so helpful people. Only later will he develop a good selection ability.

Regarding his sentimental life, Birthday Number 2 person needs to share interests and passions with his partner.

He is an able co-ordinator in work, but manages to express his talents at best if he is surrounded by collaborators with whom he can also create a connection of friendship and of authentic cooperation.
The favourable period to obtain working confidence ranges from 28 to 55 years of age, in fact, in this phase it will be possible to find stable work in fields suited to him: graphics, company administration and public administration.

Person number two birthday is very attentive to the needs and to the problems of others. As a result he might also gain professional satisfaction in work aimed at support, like for example a psychologist.

Birthday Number 2 has a natural inclination for art that if well developed might also be his ideal profession.  In any case, given his tendencies, setting up his own business is really not advisable as he might become overly stressed.