Birthday Number 18 in Numerology

Born on the 18th of the Month? Find out The Numerology of the 18 Birth Day

The individual characterised by Birth Number 18 is generally intelligent, ambitious, with little interest in money but very much in glory. He loves very much to feel he can do something for others and wants to be admired for what he can do in the humanitarian field. He has excellent rational abilities and is full of talents that he must learn to express.

Individual born on number eighteen must absolutely manage to bring these talents out because if he doesn’t he might become a materialist and egocentric man and this would be a completely destructive situation for his nature.

In the first part of his life a person born on the 18th of the month can encounter many difficulties; he must be able to metabolise them because they will set the basis for those sentiments of compassion and wisdom that he will have to develop to be able to give his contribution to humanity.

As far as friendship is concerned, it is possible to find him often surrounded by people who seem loyal and who, instead, are very envious; he will receive, in any case, also so much satisfaction from true friends who admire him and who appreciate him for his qualities.

In love individual born on number18 searches for people able to express their own sentiments of affection. He is attracted to partners with artistic talents because they manage to stimulate his soul and to satisfy his curiosity and his desire for novelty. He must be attentive not to fall in love with needy people who exploit him, having understood his pathetic nature. In case of very big disappointments in love, it is possible that he shuts himself off and instead fully dedicates himself to work or fighting for a just cause.

The person born on the 18th of the Month adores writing, speaking, travelling and, logically, he should work in a job that satisfies this side. To manage to express at best his most profound tendencies, he should work in fields that also deal with humanitarian activities.