Birthday Number 17 in Numerology

Born on the 17th of the Month? Find out The Numerology of the 17 Birth Day

The individual characterised by Birth Number 17  is generally a person who stands out due to his very original ideas; he is decisive, provided with a penetrating intelligence and able to act with certainty, perseverance and strength of mind. He should manage to also acquire the art of patience and of diplomacy.

During life he must learn not to set too high objectives, which are almost impossible to reach because, being very self-critical, he would risk interiorising much frustration.

Individual born on number seventeen manages to entertain good relations of friendship characterised by communication more than worldliness, which he does not love very much.

As far as regards his sentimental life, the 17 Birth Day individual is a non-conformist; his ideal partner is a very original and brilliant person who manages to have a confrontation with him but, at the same time be cordial and not very inclined towards discussion!

At working level, in his youth, he can encounter many difficulties before emerging, but his destiny reserves a cloud-free, old age.

The number seventeen birth day characterises a very able individual in mediation and in business affairs; he is an efficient organiser and he manages to be responsible for the most complicated tasks without falling on interminable bureaucracy.

He is absolutely not suited to clerk type roles or for other activities that impose a fixed working schedule.

The maximum satisfaction a person born on the 17th of the month can obtain is in doing a job that is based on the art of writing; he is therefore attracted to publishing, but also scientific research, surgery and architecture.