Birthday Number 15 In Numerology

Born on the 15th of the Month? Find out the Numerology of the 15 Birth Day

Number fifteen birthday indicates an ambitious, conscious, reliable person, who also enjoys moderate fortune which helps him achieve good moral and material results.

Among his innumerable talents we find creativity, the ability of learning with much ease, optimism and adaptability; besides, he has the gift of always managing to anticipate trends because he has a nose for novelties.

He must fight against indecision and uncertainty that could cause problems for him in achieving his objectives.

The person born  on the 15th of the Month has many friends who ask him for his support or advice and this flatters and pleases him when he can express his love for people who surround him. Because of his ease in relating to others and entering into a relationship of empathy with friends, he might be completely absorbed by the problems of others if he spends time on them and doesn’t follow his needs and his goals anymore; this mechanism should be avoided because in the long run it would cause sentiments of counterproductive resentment to grow inside.

He loves tradition, family, children, even if his devotion, in the long term, can be a bit oppressive. He is not a person who resigns himself to a monotonous married life, in fact from this point of view a couple must always find new stimuli and engaging interests to be shared.

He tends to have partners by his side who are altruists like him, independent and drawn to adventure.

Number 15 birthday is a person who has great ease in developing different roles; in fact, he can be an excellent entrepreneur but also a good employee. The suitable jobs for his character are those relative to teaching, to education generally and to the field of social work; he could make a good assistant.