Birthday Number 14 In Numerology

Born on the 14th of the Month? Find out The Numerology of the 14 Birth Day

The number fourteen birthday indicates a very bold and fighting-spirited person, so much so he also manages to take advantage of particularly risky situations, in which he throws himself in head first because of his strong desire to be the centre of attention and slightly due to his tendency to bend the rules.

At first appearance he risks seeming touchy, excessively emotionally and very shy to others; instead, he is a very determined and energetic individual in pursuing his own goals.

His intelligence, practical spirit and the sensation of being guided by a superior power that has assigned different “missions” to him in life allows him to ensure a good position for himself at social and professional level; if these talents are exasperated they might cause problems for him; in fact, he might be committed to too many projects or find himself in rather dangerous situations, without managing to be committed in the right way to everything.

The person characterised by this number 14 birthday has a vigorous energy that must be, in the true sense of the word, “unloaded”; a good amount of physical exercise is advisable to balance his nervous energy.

In love, the person born on the 14th of the month is very generous; he gives presents, flatters and fascinates thanks to an innate irresistible magnetic power; he cannot tolerate monotony within a stable relationship and, unfortunately, on this level he aims not to give in to compromises; for these reasons, his partner must manage to attract him each day and, therefore, she must have a strong personality.

In his youth he prefers work that lets him travel and this is more so a loophole to get away from home as soon as possible; his curiosity and determination bring him quickly to develop good self-sufficiency and excellent organisational talents.

At working level, the strong desire to quickly reach a prestigious position places him in highly competitive situations with his colleagues; he is often in the position of developing something hugely important in work because in each situation, he wants to be the best; from this point of view, he often feels he is being assessed and must give his best.

The best opportunities for No. 14 birthday are those offering a very visible and prestigious position to him; he can be a soldier, a manager of a company or work in the world of show business. He is very much led to be interested in working with people suffering from problems of abuse of alcohol and/or drugs.