Birthday Number 13 in Numerology

Born on the 13th of the Month? Find out The Numerology of the 13 Birth Day

The number thirteen birthday represents an individual who is overly sensitive, anxious and at times also a bit suspicious; he possesses an extraordinary ability to be totally committed to running activities that are completely different in very little time.

Individual born on number 13 is distinguished by a particular combination of practicality, efficiency and creativity that help overcome his difficulties in life with much firmness and determination; he manages to solve personal problems thanks to a fair balance of strong optimism and valid practical sense.

Being very sensitive, the 13 Birth Day individual  manages to have very deep friendships; the important thing is that he does not have to completely absorb the problems of others, taking his mind off his individual goals.

In love, a person born on the 13th of the month is very impulsive, loves so called “love at first sight” and each time that this happens he is absolutely convinced of being in front of the person with whom he will share the rest of his life!

When the birthday number 13 person decides to be seriously committed, it can happen that he does not manage to find a healthy balance in the couple’s life, if not after much discussion; he has difficulty taking into consideration personal and character differences.

He tends to fall in love with people who he manages to control and who, as a result, are a little dependent on him. He likes people and partners who amuse and relax him.

His working career is orientated towards a job that offers comfort and economic certainty to him over time. Number 13 birthday is an individual very much led to develop professions that have the general and inherent characteristic of “renewal”, therefore he is suitable for jobs in construction, and particularly, in reorganisation, but also in plastic surgery or, at collective level, he is suited to working as a support operator in rescuing disadvantaged people. Many individuals characterised by number 13 have managed to reach excellent results, becoming political activists.