Birthday Number 12 in Numerology

Born on the 12th of the Month? Find out The Numerology of the 12 Birth Day

Birth Number twelve characterises a practical, active, creative, versatile and eclectic person that is especially projected towards the future.

The person born on the 12th of the Month is a very magnetic individual, who has the ability to attract others. Unfortunately, he is always surrounded by many people which can become a problem as too much worldliness might distract him from important, individual goals.

Being very impulsive, he must be attentive not to be subjected to the emotions of the moment, because they can cause difficulty for him in the management of projects in the long term.

The number twelve birth day is a very sentimental person and he is easily overwhelmed by passions in which he literally loses his head; in love, he prefers passionate, fatal, seductive partners who have who knows what that makes them unusual and attractive.

He is very attentive to the demands of his partner and he needs to express his love in a concrete way, with gifts, surprises and all that can reward the person he is in love with. In relation to journeys of love, he prefers to share life with a person who has his same passion.

To manage to obtain good personal fulfilment in his job, a person born on the 12th of the month should work in close relation to his passions; between 20 and 57 years of age he has the opportunity of expressing all of his creativity in his work.

Birthday Number 12 individual is naturally suited to professions that ask for journeys and exploration of the world: jobs relating to tourism are excellent for him; but in general anything that lets him travel is very attractive to him. He might manage to reach excellent positions also in the world of show business, in commerce, in promotion and in all advanced jobs that have to do with something innovative; logically, thanks to his character, he can reach excellent results in his artistic work.