Birthday Number 11 in Numerology

Born on the 11th of the Month? Find Out The Numerology of the 11 Birth Day

Day 11 Birthday is defined a master or dominating number; it is the number of intuition and of inspiration.

The person characterised by number 11 birthday is very receptive towards the environment that surrounds him and, as a result, he is particularly subject to changes of humour because he catches the vibrations that circulate in the air.

The person born on the 11th of the Month is fascinated by beauty, nature and spiritual truth; thanks to his magnetic detail he manages to concentrate the interest of others in things. Nevertheless, he is very simple and not very accustomed to wanting to be under the reflectors, however, at times, he allows himself to be dragged and falls into the trap of vanity.

Birth Day Number 11 person perceives responsibility as an inspiring individual for others and this makes him a person who might also guide and motivate others: he must value well this potential to avoid ever losing sight of himself or feeling empty and unsatisfied. He needs to defend, in any case, his space and must put solid borders between him and others to avoid losing his identity. His career must be built on work aimed at rendering the most balanced, most harmonious and most beautiful world, either in little daily things or on the bigger picture.

To manage to arrive to a good level of personal evolution, during his existence, the 11 Birth Day individual must balance the extreme sides of his nature.

The individual characterised by Birth Number 11 manages to fall in love and to allow himself go with ease, nevertheless he become easily rigid and alternates moments in which he is serene and feels loved to others in which he is afraid of not being worthy of affection. He loves the intimacy of his home and of his family and wants his partner to share this as a necessity.

He also wants to share all his work with his partner. His maximum effort will be in the phase between 27 and 54 years of age.

Among the work best suited to a person born on the 11th of the month, we find everything regarding fashion, the aesthetic and beauty. Activities are also favoured in the world of mass media, such as television and cinema, which work and focus on image. The person characterised by Birth Number 11 is also suited to professional positions that emphasise his role of support and of sensitivity, such as a therapist, support relations and animation.