Birthday Number 1 in Numerology

Born on the 1st of the Month? Find Out The Numerology of the 1 Birth Day

Birthday number 1Creative, full of courage and fortified with a remarkable spirit of initiative and will, Number one birthday characterises an individual who is very independent and determined to reach his goals. He has good abilities to pick the opportunities that are presented because he is perceptive and is very intelligent; this energetic push towards personal fulfilment is very strong, especially in the first part of his life.

Nevertheless, being so ambitious Number 1 Birth Day looks constantly for assurance from those around him; he does not trust his talents and looks for confirmation. To manage to achieve his personal projects, he must slightly reduce his excess competitiveness that makes him appear too avid for results and often not so correct.

He must keep his impulsiveness under control to avoid crossing the frontier into opportunism and dishonesty. Thanks to his potential he will be able, during his life, to have the possibility of setting up a business of his own. If instead he will work for others, he will have to take a prestigious role that places him in an elite position; the favourable period to reach these goals ranges from 30 to 50 years of age.

As far as relationships are concerned, the person born on the 1st of the month looks for the company of attractive and very active people. Instead, at friendship level, he is unconsciously convinced of being able to fight his little insecurities by creating firm connections with fulfilled people that are well integrated into society.

Birth Day Number 1 is a romantic and passionate partner, but particularly egocentric and as a result loves to have people by his side who can follow his advice and who adore to listen to him. He loves to feel he is the leader.

The talents offered to this number are clarity, directness and courage, while he is limited by presumptuousness and egocentrism. He needs to develop a good degree of patience, which he will have to use both in friendly and working relations.