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Welcome to Numerology 2018!

By understanding the mysteries of your personal numbers and how they interact with the vibrations of 2018, you can adapt and flourish in this Two-Year. Find out what your personal numbers reveal and how to make this year your best yet! Don’t fight your personal numbers; tap into your true source of power with your 2018 Numerology Forecast!

The year 2018 marks the beginning of a new direction. It’s an Eleven-Year, and eleven is a significant spiritual number and has been a factor in many world events. This Eleven-Year will bring a new feeling of tolerance around the world as change and innovation become impossible to stop or ignore! So take action on your goals and dreams this year – there’s no better time to do it! Get your 2018 Numerology predictions for advice, and inspiration to last you throughout the year!

Best of luck in this Eleven-Year,
The Astrologyclub Team

2018 will be a Universal 11/2 year

Make 2018 the year you gain mastery over your life and understand the subtle framework of the Universe! Numerology can give you insight into the intricate, unseen relationships among all things in the world. This art has been utilized back into the mists of time, from the Mayan civilization to the ancient Greeks.

There are numbers that illuminate your personal year and yearly cycles and also signify your destiny, motivation, and inner expression. These can reveal much about your character, potential, desires, and possible course of action. They will help you focus on your strengths, identify your stumbling blocks, and formulate a game plan. You will be able to gain clarity about the past, your current situation, and the road ahead.

Knowledge of numerology can enhance your life in many ways. Personal interactions, business dealings, and career and financial matters can all be improved if you have knowledge of the underlying influences that are described through number. Basic numbers can be derived from many aspects of your life. Your address, birth date, and name are all examples of key personal data that can be correlated and reduced to reveal detailed information about you.

In 2018, slow down, and smell the coffee. Relax, be cooperative, and patiently wait for progress to happen. This is not the time to use force and aggression or begin new projects. Play the peacemaker with friends, family, and co-workers, and you will be the most valuable person around. Success will come from paying attention to small details.



Welcome to 2018 and to our collective opportunity to: patiently open to receive. As we walk through this year we are invited to work with our passion and sense of belonging particularly as these qualities spring from our urge to create. The creative and sexual urge spring from the same zone within the chakra system. Each of these desires helps us to manifest, in their unique ways, a depth of love through devotion, commitment and dedication. We all start life as creative/sexual beings. The ways in which we channel this combined energy will show itself this year. The goal, of course, is to open these centers, one by one, until we are fully functioning and able to contribute to the better world we yearn to see. To connect readers with excellent information on this topic of opened and healed chakras I suggest the book Awakening in Time by Jacquelyn Small. Her book would be a perfect companion for the year.

In order to obtain the results that we work so hard for 2018 requires that we have a basic understanding of the use of practices such as sincerity, loyalty and accessibility. Throughout this year a sense of being in the right place acts as an indicator. Notice first of all if you feel ‘a fit’ with where you invest your creative/sexual self. It’s timely now to allow for the type of movement and advance in these areas that the second year in a nine year cycle offers. In 2018 we have 12 months/moons to focus upon the delight and enthusiasm that manifests as we express our creative/sexual drive in the healthiest way possible.

Having the courage to trust our ability to do what we love and to have a relationship with who we love while making enough money to thrive can surely feel like walking a razor’s edge. I am not going to assume to know what any reader ought to be doing with their creative/sexual energy but I do feel that we can all benefit and not be harmed by looking at the energy we carry that is attached to income and finance.

As you may recall from reading last year’s Lifecycle Forecast, 2008 signaled a new beginning. We have been part of the unfolding and hopefully your year went well and you feel strong and balanced, thus able to contribute your gifts and talents in ways that fit for you. While we’re doing our best to create fulfilling lives that add to the whole the mass media has kept us on a steady diet of fear. And as we all know much of the fear concerns and involves finances. As difficult as it is to experience or to witness this fear it fits since last year the downside of the energy had us all looking at our safety and security issues. If you are carrying a burden in this area don’t despair. What we see as we move through this year is an opportunity to become students anew.

That said it seems timely and appropriate to tune into our money issues as we take this year’s walk around the Medicine Wheel of Life. I am not a money expert. I will simply be applying the information that moves through this year’s energetic push by offering some information that you may see fit to put into operation.

During 2018 we can practice and participate in the activity of receiving. The energy for this year connects deeply to the ability to accept. There is a capability attached to accepting our good. It requires a certain aptitude to open to receive. In 2018 it is also appropriate to think staying power. For twelve months, moon by moon, we can patiently watch the unfolding in the process of moving toward 2019 when the cycle will complete.

Here’s a bit of poetry to share as a ‘way in’ to the year ahead. This is from Peace Pilgrim who walked across the country seventeen times carrying no money or possessions (except a toothbrush) and a message of peace. She said:

Every good thing you do,
every good thing you say,
every good thought you think,
vibrates on and on and never
ceases. The evil remains only
until it is overcome by good,
but the good remains forever.

Numerology of 2018 – A NEW KNOWLEDGE OF REALITY

This walk around the Wheel of Life offers us the chance to look at a new knowledge of reality. There is considerable importance attached to how we apply staying power to the twelve months ahead. Collectively 2018 asks us to consider what it is we are willing to remain focused upon and committed to. If we play with the idea of money being; my own natural energy yield then this is a year in which some radical choices can be made. What we are being offered now is the chance to value our place within the larger community as we hold steady on what we started last year.

I tend to imagine the second year of the nine year cycle as similar to being pregnant. Something is happening. Something is certainly growing. However the real job now is to BE expectant; eat well, rest, prepare the space and choose a good name for what is developing.

2017 gave us image after image of what is outmoded. We saw so much that is broken, derelict and ready for destruction leading to reconstruction. 2017 opened the space to allow in and to begin to consciously and conscientiously build a new vision.

Now that we’ve accomplished that piece let’s keep our eye on the concept of allowing our individual strengths to grow. This year’s creative/sexual energy options are in alignment with a subtle and quiet opening to receive. The quality of 2018 presents itself as a year of pregnancy, development, a slow deliberate moment by moment advance in the direction we’ve chosen. As we patiently allow last year’s visions to evolve and as we pay attention to the beauty of life and the part we can each play in the unfolding, the birth of the vision and the growth of the idea prepare for visibility in 2019.

In last year’s Lifecycle Forecast I wrote:

In 2017 we may notice an expanded sense of belonging to this new energy frontier yet this will depend upon a willingness to show true strength and an ability to speak up and speak out for these new times.

The Universal Year for 2017 was about being new, fresh and interested in how we might collectively begin again. It placed a focus on holding a vision. If you attained a truer sense of your own ability to demonstrate active participation on the world stage (even if that takes place in your own neighborhood) and if you are currently feeling compelled to patiently allow your ideas and your inventions to flow out and add to a better world… then welcome in 2018… this newly developing world needs you!

In 2018 the energetic qualities naturally shift to a higher octave, that of 2/11. This Universal Energy will be providing us with the chance to look honestly at the levels of light-hearted patience, admiration and conviction that can be added to what we started last year.

As we learn and apply qualities of acceptance and allowance and ‘let all things be exactly as they are’ our suffering and that of others is recognized. Hearts open and we invest patience in allowing the next step in a natural process to unfold. 2018 is a ‘Being’ year. Now we can relax a bit. BE your dream… let it have substance… like a growing embryo… and trust that the form is developing well even if you can’t see it.

The 2/11 level of energy that this year carries requires that we have confidence in the seeds that we planted in the last twelve months. This year brings in a mastership vibe that says ‘what you have sown is truly what you will reap’.

Remember to let your light shine! Without judging the means by which some have and some have not we can simply imagine how we might each relax into a confident and visionary way of living so as to enhance the environment in which we dwell as we recognize our true passion.

In 2018 we will continue to learn much about the need to balance the forces of light and dark. This past year helped us discover new and additional tools. We were given, through the Universal Energy of 2017, the capacity to start over, begin again and refresh with gusto. In 2017 we were offered situations and opportunities for gaining deeper levels of assertiveness and pro-action. Now we’re building off of this base.

Gaze out at the blank slate of the 12 moons before you and ask, ‘Do I relax enough to receive? Do I take in all the goodness that is offered? Do I nurture my vision? Do I permit space for my good? Am I patient enough to wait until it’s time for my voice be heard? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Certainly none of us are at 100%. Yet in asking these questions we can calm down, moon by moon. We can look toward a deeper spirit of ‘we’re all in this together’. We can open our mind to the present moment.

This practice of relaxing with what is is admirable provided that in our participation we don’t ignore or deny the shadowy parts of ourselves ever calling to be illuminated. During this past year many of us may have discovered or uncovered aspects of the fear-filled dark-side; the monsters, dragons and strange beliefs that we carry. These can be found periodically lurking and hidden in the physical, emotional or spiritual zones within each of us. Certainly we’ve watched these collective shadows and the forces of nature continue to escalate in their dance on the world stage.

These twelve months will offer us collectively the greatest chance within the context of this nine-year cycle, to improve our world view.

The year 2000 was the last time this energetic quality came to call. It was a different world. Where were you? What were your experiences? This is a good time to quietly look back to reflect upon world conditions in 2000. Take a few minutes and reconnect to the manner in which you moved through that time period.

Keep in mind that this Lifecycle Forecast is representative of the Universal Energy system that acts like an umbrella over the globe. Realize that whatever you were learning to accept in 2000 is energetically matured now.

2018 is the year to practice getting the hang of ‘This too shall pass’. That can be reassuring. You can practice patience. You can relax. You can nurture yourself with the awareness that you get what you ask for whether you want it or not. If you planned a conscious pregnancy (metaphoric for most) last year then Be prepared to be inspired by this next level of mastery as ‘expectant mother’. If you are less than satisfied with your inner changes then this is the time to rework your vision. Be diligent between January and through September, to prepare to birth what you truly want. In the second year of a cycle we are asked to patiently ‘be pregnant’ trusting that ‘the baby’ (the idea, the project) will develop and ‘be born’ (you’ll sense a certain something) in September.

See if you can experience the relaxed quality of this waiting year. All over the globe there will be a pulse-point of taking a deep breath so that we can collectively relax and allow in what is necessary in this next step to accepting our collective goals. Now we can quietly demonstrate, as global citizens, ways in which to safely grow and harmoniously evolve. And observe how there truly is all the m.o.n.e.y. that we allow and accept.


Using numerology, the reading of vibration within energy fields, as a window into the year ahead we find this to be a Universal Year # 2/11. The universal quality of any given year points us in the direction of how best we can each align with our role as a Planetary Citizen. The UY also lets us see, sense and feel when we miss the mark.

Shirley Blackwell Lawrence in her book Behind Numerology explains that “The 2 behind 11 stands for spiritual power. The 2 is peace, cooperation, loving service, fluent speaker.”

2/11 rules creative wisdom. Look in the direction of being open and receptive. Dream of bright lessons and of knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

There is before us in 2018, an opportunity to move day by day in a direction that can satisfy our spiritual hunger by allowing unity and fellowship to germinate.


This is a quieting point, a calming year. We can benefit by paying attention. A fabulous mantra for now is: ‘Rest and let it be, rest and let it be, rest and let it be’. Like a content mother-to-be I also consider this level of energy that of the ‘Peaceful Dreamer’. It has the capacity to balance us.

Obviously none of us are able or interested in just sitting around and doing nothing for the year. This is about folding this ‘rest and let it be’ into our active lives as a conscious addition when possible. We will know when we need to take ‘time outs’ because when out of alignment with this force we experience a nagging insecurity. We may feel moody. We may not be sincere. Rather than being a healing presence we become poison within the environment and contaminate everything around us. This is not where we want to be making our energetic deposits this year.

Some keywords/phrases that encourage: belonging, breathe, creative, developing, dreaming, growing, idealism, intuit, invent, passion, patience, relax, revelation, reverence, receptive, reflect, sexual, waiting

Some keywords/phrase that discourage: aimless, careless, discontent, sullen, frantic, needy, overly sensitive, high strung, impatient, impractical, imposing your will, sarcastic

Take any of one of these words or phrases and look it up in the dictionary or thesaurus and/or ask it to tell you about the way in which it lives through you. You may find it helpful to journal your responses to gain insight as to how to move forward expressing genuine balance.


Homework for the year ahead:

  • Imagine being pregnant with your vision of last year
  • Gently allow the idea seeds that you’ve planted to germinate
  • Nurture visions of healing and unity
  • Take the role of diplomat wherever possible
  • Practice sexual/creative acceptance
  • Practice the ‘art of patience’
  • Imagine the possibility
  • Rest within
  • Have reverence and honor for the mentor of your choice
  • Discover and use the words that settle you
  • Invoke strong and focused feelings of ‘I need do nothing’
  • Follow intuitive guidance

These can be spontaneous/receptive indicators that may also inspire those whose lives you touch.

Once again I’ve chosen a story from the Osho Neo Tarot © Osho International Foundation to help us to connect to the 2/11 level of ’18 Universal Year energy.


When your heart is full of gratitude any door that appears closed can be an opening for an even greater blessing.

Very few women have attained the Zen ultimate; Rengetsu is one of those rare women.

She was on a pilgrimage, and she came to a village at sunset and begged for lodging for the night. But the villagers slammed their doors. They must have been traditional Buddhists in the town, and they wouldn’t allow a Zen woman to stay there; they threw her out of the village.

It was a cold night, and the old woman with no lodging… and hungry. She had to make a cherry tree in the fields her shelter. It was really cold, and she could not sleep well. And it was dangerous too__wild animals and all. At midnight she awoke__she was very cold__and saw, in the spring night sky, the fully opened cherry blossoms laughing to the misty moon. Overcome with the beauty, she got up and made a reverence in the direction of the village.

Through their kindness
in refusing me lodging
I found myself beneath the blossoms
on the night of this misty moon.

With great gratitude she thanks those people who refused her lodging, otherwise she would have been sleeping under an ordinary roof and she would have missed this blessing__these cherry blossoms, and this whispering with the misty moon, and this silence of the night, this utter silence of the night.

She isn’t angry, she accepts it__not only accepts it, welcomes it. She feels grateful.

Life is immense, and each moment is comes with a thousand and one gifts for you. But you are so engaged, preoccupied, with your desiring mind, you are so full of your thoughts, you refuse all those gifts. God comes; you go on refusing. A man becomes a Buddha the moment he accepts all that life brings with gratitude.



To assist us on our journey let’s look at how we might align our attitude through each progression of the moon cycles in the Universal Year # 2/11. Keep in mind that I will be describing the umbrella-like energetic qualities that affect us all. There are also personal fields of energy that are unique to each of us.

First Lunation

December 27, 2017 – January 25, 2018

I of myself can do nothing. It is the Spirit within who expresses and manifests as true success in my life.
John Randolph Price

Happy New Year! The quality of this moon cycle is that of relinquishing our hold. The Universal Year #29/11 tests us by providing the chance to practice a patient surrender. That yielding allows us a return to our original state. It’s a huge concept but ‘In the beginning’ there was innocence and no need to feel separate and alone.

During this cycle focus upon belonging to your Self. This won’t happen through wishful thinking it happens through a rigorous personality review. It comes about by being patient enough to weigh your strengths and relinquish your weaknesses. The reason for this focus is to ‘flip’ the way you’ve been pushing yourself. Now is the time to prepare for an infusion of connection to Inner Self-direction. Be quiet and listen so as to determine your values and establish priorities. This first moon has a lot to do with endurance. It isn’t possible to develop, much less give birth to, a new level of Being without endurance. This cycle is really showing us a natural process. The seed cannot sprout without letting go of its hard casing. The baby cannot grow without the right timing. During this moon cycle play is as important as any other responsibility you can think of. All year we are being asked to entertain a light heart and here at the start is a perfect opportunity to practice daily by being with that which you enjoy.

KEYWORDS for attuning to this cycle: abundant, art, attractive, baby, beauty, choose to act wisely, day, humor, innocent, optimistic, passion, playful, poetry, self expression

KEYWORDS that take your energy away: betrayal, exaggeration, fear, hurtful words, inconsiderate scattered, intolerant, jealous, self-centered, superficial, whining

HOMEWORK: Since the year is readying us by placing a spot light on a healthy sense of self through our creative/sexual passion this is a good cycle for beginning a prosperity program. Why? 1. So often we work at a job that robs us of our creativity. 2. Humans have been known to project sexual energy onto someone who they imagine will provide for them.

Keeping in mind the acronym for money mentioned in the article above, you may want to select a prosperity program to follow through the year. There are many excellent ones; I’ll offer John Randolph Price, The Abundance Book.

Second Lunation: The Renewal Moon

January 26 – February 23

Money is not my supply. No person, place or condition is my supply. My awareness, understanding and knowledge of the all-providing activity of the Divine Mind within me is my supply. My consciousness of this truth is unlimited, therefore, my supply is unlimited.
John Randolph Price

For the first six days of this moon cycle (January 26- 31) continue to focus on the best of your Self. Keep your attention on that which you are consciously giving birth to this year. Be the author of your experience. Tap into the beauty and innocence of your true nature. Read about the Year of the Earth Ox and take on any honorary traits that fit.

As we step into February there is a connection to soul taking place making it a highly creative time to build on your vision. Do not act in haste. Be sober and consider the basic mind, body material that you have to work with. Create the healthiest out-picture of your energy. If something needs to drop away let it. There’s an underlying sense of relinquishment and with it comes the chance to acknowledge what is no longer functional. Follow your instincts and intuition.

This is also a time to set clear ‘tough love’ boundaries. Contain and nurture your goal for the year. Don’t allow disturbance to rob you of your vigor. Create practical step-by-step change as eventually this leads to transformation. Feed your soul. Put a stop to whatever is intruding on your ability to ‘be pregnant’ while in a state of peace. Be the fierce mother-to-be. Push aside any invasions into your ability to BE that. It’s a light and even humorous quality but it isn’t going to stand for any imposition or intrusion on your need for soul deep self care.

KEYWORDS for attuning to this cycle: boundaries, building, dependable, dignified, heart work, humor, invention, love, loyal, noble, organized, originality, sincere, work hard

KEYWORDS that take energy away: angry, caged, critical, crude, disorder, dull, intolerance, limited, opinionated

HOMEWORK: This is the cycle to build on your goal. Be structured, disciplined, and focused. Set healthy boundaries that respect your heart. This is the real development stage of your vision so be organized and identify your growth potential. Perhaps you’ll discover that you’re giving birth to triplets. A shock at first but then you begin to adjust…and enlarge your scope to accommodate what’s on its way. How exciting and challenging. Think BIG.

To connect to m.o.n.e.y. for this cycle keep a spending diary and notice how much of your energy you give away without thinking.

Third Lunation: The Purity Moon

February 24 – March 25

I am conscious of my Inner Presence as my Lavish Abundance. I am conscious of the constant activity of this Mind of infinite Prosperity. Therefore, my consciousness is filled with the Light of Truth.
John Randolph Price

During the first five days of this moon cycle continue to open your heart and set clear boundaries for what you are bringing into the world. It’s an amazing and miraculous event when we give birth to a living being or a long nurtured idea and each deserves to be honored even before it fully appears.

Within the context of this year of patient development this is a good cycle for focusing upon changes that occur when we’re pregnant. Remember that the Universal Energies are affecting each and every one of us. Try to be the one within your circle who is consciously connected to this awareness. ‘Be the change you want to see’. As heady as that sounds it makes sense. The 21st century is leading us into a new way of relating with the receptive side of the self, the Divine Feminine, and this energy is still so new that it may feel quite foreign to many of us. Therefore anyone who practices patience and understands what it means to nurture truly helps us all.

On March 1st the energy shifts to that of constant activity. That doesn’t mean that we all have to jump on board. We are stepping into spring and now we can notice the way that we get distracted by every little thing that passes us by. There are lessons to be learned and a risk of misfortune if we don’t pay attention.

That reminds me: I had a house guest a few years back. Someone I admire and respect deeply. After her departure the first time I emerged from the shower, I saw that the steam covered bathroom mirror held her farewell. ‘Pay attention’ floated up off the surface of the glass. I was taken aback. It took me awhile to connect with where the message had come from. I carried those two words around in my head for the longest time. I played a game trying to see how many ways I could apply them.

This moon/month we are being asked to notice the way that we expend energy in wasteful and addictive ways. This makes it an appropriate cycle for scribing. When we write it down we become accountable, we become conscious and we can no longer pretend that we don’t know. Write in your journal. Keep track of mental meanderings. This practice can bring insight into how we waste our time and our life force. Here too I can mention that the keywords given for each moon work well when applied to journal writing. The more we delve into the meaning of each and perhaps dialogue with the word or phrase within the privacy of our journal the more we ‘pay attention’ to what might offer an antidote to our obsessive and compulsive habits and reactions. Addictions drain life force. Pay attention to that and take notice during this cycle.

KEYWORDS for attuning to this cycle: adventure, different places, charm, freedom, expansive thinking, let go of emotional burden, negate negativity, new foods, ideas and people, soul blends with intellect

KEYWORDS that take energy away: addictive, confused, discontent, disgruntled, fanatical, judgmental, lacking clarity, negative, nervous, neurotic, obsessive, overreacting, restless, unhappiness, unprepared

HOMEWORK: Here is the call to action. To practice have a light heart and voluntarily change something about yourself. Start small and enjoy the process perhaps looking to clothing, hairstyle, route to and from work, etc. Then go on an adventure. Next communicate honestly…talk to yourself realistically about the changes that you know would be truthful and healthy for you.

To connect to m.o.n.e.y. for this cycle go on an inner adventure by starting The Sixty Day Non Human Program by John Randolph Price in his book A Spiritual Philosophy for the New World.

Fourth Lunation: The Clarity Moon

March 26 – April 23

My identity as a human being has created human experiences; my identity as a spiritual being creates experiences of love and fulfillment—true success.
John Randolph Price

In the first six days of this moon cycle continue to create healthy change. Free your Self up emotionally. Close out the month with a mini-adventure: do one healthy thing that feels refreshing and new. Spend some time studying a topic that expands your world view.

On April 1 we cross into the most businesslike vibration thus far this year. Stay connected to the prosperity program of your choice. It’s time to look closely at the way in which we feel chained to the material world and tethered to our routine. Pay close attention to relationships. Balance outer interests with a renewed connection to home.

During March we were asked to pay attention to negative habits and patterns. Now there is space to look at our true calling — our true success. In The Success Book, John Randolph Price writes:

“Webster says that success is “a favorable or satisfactory outcome.” That’s not meaningful enough for me. How about “Success is the natural order of the universe, wholly ordained by (Infinite Creative Intelligence) as a force for good to replace the effects of this world with divine Reality-to transform failure to fulfillment, lack to abundance, illness to wholeness, and discord to harmony as the Power moves though us to accomplish and achieve in accordance with the Law of Being.”

Clearly there is no way to achieve this level of true place success without first acknowledging inner balance. We receive the gift of this time period to do just that.

Here and now we can take responsibility for the part we play in concert with ‘all our relations’. In Native American cultures the teaching is that all living things and even those that we consider inanimate; stones and water and air, contain the capacity to relate to us if we stop and listen. This concept offers a beautiful opportunity and helps us to form a clear vision of what we’re doing in every relationship situation.

Business is all about the exchange of ideas and services. Now the spotlight is on communication. Ask yourself if you are a healing component in your relationships; business and personal. Can you be trusted? Do you trust yourself?

Working with this level of energy I tend to actively engage my Higher Self. I request of my Inner Teachers that my motivation be checked. I ask to be busted. I want to know for sure when I am off the mark. This approach does not fail. An ego-death follows when necessary. Through this practice we learn that arrogance will not be tolerated.

KEYWORDS for attuning to this cycle: balance, business, center, enthusiasm, feng shui, harmony, home, inspiration, lightheartedness, material world, nature, responsibility, self-image, trust, vision, yin/yang,

KEYWORDS that take energy away: arrogance, battle, bossy, chaos, distrust, duel, mean, meddlesome, suspicious, synthetic, unbalanced, war

HOMEWORK: Celebrate Earth Day! Make an effort to connect with the natural world and see the way that you fit into the scheme of things. Live from a place of balance. Walk outdoors, wander, and feed the birds, garden, sketch the trees.

This is also a perfect time spring clean or to locate a new place to live. Research Green businesses and learn more about what is possible.

Remember the mention, at the top of the article, of this being a year that places emphasis on our sexual/creative nature? With the turn of the season and the mating/nesting activity burgeoning why not arrange time to invest in your second chakra. Experience the awakening of your own life force.

Jacquelyn Small in Awakening in Time describes this zone as the sacral center where passion and belongingness needs; issues pertaining to sexuality, childbirth, and the creative urge reside.

To connect to m.o.n.e.y. for this cycle continue the sixty day program as posted last cycle. Additionally factor in the wealth of the natural world and notice how you are provided with all that you need.

Fifth Lunation: The Wisdom Moon

April 24 – May 23

Those who have rejected me, who have hurt me, who have not recognized my true worth, I send my love to you with no conditions attached.
John Randolph Price

Be responsible. Notice the manner in which you return to balance as the last week of April winds down. As mentioned last cycle, ego death is essential. In this year of patient unfolding of the inner vision there will be opportunities to gain wisdom now by looking at what you have faced and faced down.

Seven days into this cycle opens a clear pathway for meditation. Returning to the analogy of pregnancy this is when we can place our hands on our belly and feel the life moving within, the miracle forming. Meditation is like that. We’re engaged in the quiet, still, fertile territory of the Mystery and it is only through this kind of conscious connection that the wisdom of our intuition and the master teachings of the ages can really sink in and take root. Nisargadatta Maharaj offers this; “Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, Love is knowing I am everything, and between the two my life moves.” The year is quieting us. It is energetically offering us deeper content.

This is where we remember that energy activates its polar opposite. When dark and heavy energetic parasites come to visit I call them a ‘pop quiz’. The best way to demons is to live in the present and pay attention. Look them in the eye when they come to call and be willing to learn from them.

Faith Javane describes the level of this year’s Master energy like this, “In its journey through the Earth plane, the soul meets trials and tests all along the way, and at some points may require an incarnation for more relaxed testing.”

KEYWORDS for attuning to this cycle: art, atonement, being present, breath work, compassion, dignified, guidance, intuition, joy, meditation, nature, quiet mind, ritual, self-examination, stillness, studious

KEYWORDS that take energy away: aloof, depression, fearful, hyper-sensitive, intoxicated, maddened, secretive, suspicious, unapproachable

HOMEWORK: Stay open to the idea: ‘There’s no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands, we seek our problems because we need their gifts’. I don’t know who said that but it really applies to the ‘pop quiz’ that comes our way during this time. Incorporate total surrender without reservation. This is a time for being alone. Meditate. Go into the studio. Consider a ‘vision quest’.

To connect to m.o.n.e.y. for this cycle, consider all of the energy gifts that your life contains. For example, the breath that sustains you, the blood pumping through your veins, the fact that trillions of cells attend to their various duties without any thought on your part. Add to this list in any way that you can to truly honor the miracle that is you.

Sixth Lunation: The Illumination Moon

May 24 – June 21 June

I lift up my mind and heart to be aware, to understand, and to know that the Divine Presence I AM is the Source and substance of all my good. John Randolph Price

It’s heartening (and natural) the way in which one level of energy leads into and supports the next. In the eight days of the start of this cycle notice how many cobwebs you cleared away as you enlisted the qualities on the keyword list above. And if you gave yourself the gift of meditation and studio time or if you took action on the concept of a vision quest then honor these acts as they will serve you well for the remainder of this walk round the wheel.

There continues into June a feel of separateness, as in a need for solitude. This is healthy and timely, lean into it. It helps if we communicate the need to be attending to our own affairs so that no one close feels slighted. There is a prerequisite to hang out the sign that reads “the buck stops here”. That means that we are willing to take the heat and accept the role of being the boss. Can we address the big problems? What are we in charge of? This cycle would suggest that each of us is in charge of our own inner genius. Shine like a star. Think of your genius as your ability to be resourceful and inventive. This cycle asks that we stay in touch with the part that ‘knows what it knows’. As an integral part of connecting to true genius be conscious of trusting the inner guidance of spirit ever more deeply now. Trust the unseen side of things and invest in the world behind the illusion that tries to block the path. As part of all this power visiting, and to still the ego, be willing to be a student of the Master Teacher within. More than any other cycle thus far we are offered the opportunity to rise up and meet our true success potential. We can do that precisely because we’ve been preparing moon by moon.

KEYWORDS for attuning to this cycle: adopt a muse, ambition, authenticity, awareness, excellent executive abilities, great inner strength, harmony, handle money wisely, inspired, invoke your good, motivated, successful, spiritual master of the material plane

KEYWORDS that take your energy away: lack vision, abuse of power, careless with finances, manipulator, controller, pushy

HOMEWORK: Step into your power during this cycle and allow your authentic self to shine. This is the time to practice being in business for yourself (even if you are employed by a large corporation). Handle the big problems. Request all assistance from within. To connect to m.o.n.e.y. For this cycle look at your relation to the resources that flow into your day. Do you understand where your goods and services come from? Do you pay attention to the methods and practices employed to deliver what you use to your door? The idea here is to be authentic and to take appropriate control of the manner in which you use and/or abuse your resources.

Seventh Lunation: The Growth Moon

June 22 – July 20

Money is not my supply. No person, place or condition is my supply. My awareness, understanding and knowledge of the all-providing activity of the Divine Mind within me is my supply. My consciousness of this Truth is unlimited; therefore, my supply is unlimited.
John Randolph Price

Enter into the first nine days of this cycle keeping in mind the innate harmony of walking your talk. Address issues as they arise. The next step, working with the energy of July, brings evolution of the most natural order. Did someone say evolution? What a concept.

Reaching this point opens space for considering what it is we are bringing to the table of this year’s work. Let’s remember that whatever we started last year is evolving. To define is useful. Dictionary On-Line lists evolution as: “A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form.” Apply this definition to the goals that were set.

It’s an appropriate point in the year to let go of whatever may be holding evolution back. The vibe is one of completion. To complete an important chapter often means that something has to come to culmination, die, either literally or figuratively. Death takes place to make room for what’s next. When we release what we no longer need we transform. When enough of us make that level of choice transformation becomes the norm. Slow but sure.

There is a deeply humanitarian aspect to this energy that requires a largess of spirit and the willingness to give. A phrase from A Course In Miracles says “Those who temporarily have more give to those who temporarily have less.” What a perfect mediation. The Wheel of Life turns and we each experience the highs and the lows. This point in our circle says ‘give what it is you want to receive’. Give from your heart for humanity. Give of your gifts and talents.

Martin Luther King Jr. said

“Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great because greatness is determined by service. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve. You don’t have to know about Plato and Aristotle to serve. You don’t have to know Einstein’s theory of relativity to serve. You don’t have to know the second theory of thermodynamics and physics to serve. You only need a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love.”

KEYWORDS for attuning to this cycle: art, broad outlook, compassion, drama, evolution, fine arts, generosity, healing arts, impersonal love, literature, mature, pay off debt, philanthropist, selfless service, unity

KEYWORDS that take your energy away: aimless, conflicted, demanding, disgusted, frustrated, greedy, holding grudges, immature, left out, longing, narrow interests, suffering, self-centered, unfulfilled

HOMEWORK: “What you do repeatedly is what you are.” so said Aristotle and that’s a good thing to consider now. During this cycle give up what you do not want and keep what you value. This is a time to move your idea out into the community. Volunteer. Put yourself out into the mainstream and see what comes back a hundredfold. This is also an excellent time to connect with the arts. Go to see a play, attend a gallery opening, paint or sculpt… at the very least dance!

To connect to m.o.n.e.y. for this cycle means to pay off your debt. This may mean actual financial obligations. It could also refer to any aspect of your life that requires forgiveness. Practice forgiving. Practice wiping the slate clean.

Eighth Lunation: The Trust Moon

July 21, 2018 – August 19, 2018

My consciousness of the Spirit within me as my unlimited Source is the Divine Power to restore the years the locusts have eaten, to make all things new, to lift me to the High Road of abundant prosperity…
John Randolph Price

The first eleven days of this cycle pulse out a continuation of the opportunity to serve in all the ways for which we have prepared. There is a lovely poem that I have carried in my heart/mind for many years. It is written by Tara Singh (I paraphrased it long ago but my changes are very slight).

It goes like this:

To give is ever possible
there’s no lack in it.

This is the lesson we all need to learn
and we learn it by teaching.

Because it is our own doubt that limits us
this is the issue of our time.

We must transform the scarcity of doubt
to the peace of trust.

We are rewarded with tremendous potential,
and the power of our gratefulness
undoes every obstacle of limitation.

As we move into August the moon is in its most creative phase… called the Gibbous. We can analyze our recent actions. We can revise our aim, setting our intention, making creative adjustments.

During the remainder of the cycle there is an ongoing test. The test is to see if we can create an active demonstration of our goal. This test is an assessment that concerns giving and receiving. How do you balance these legitimate yet opposite points on the circular calendar? We can address that now. This is the Trust point on the wheel. It sits across from Renewal which took place back in February. If we take time to travel back to the early part of the year we will see that we can trust that this is the time to celebrate what has so far been accomplished.

If we are out of alignment with the quality of this cycle there can be a lot of loneliness and a feeling of displacement. If that happens take a break and rest. The primary force now is action and that needs to be balanced by time-out. The year is now half over and if we aren’t accustomed to self care and gentle nurturing of our ‘birth process’ then we may be operating close to burn -out.

KEYWORDS for attuning to this cycle: act, authentic, begin, bona fide, confident, create, curious, fresh, new, pioneer, start, valid, vitality

KEYWORDS that take your energy away: aggressive, discouraged, dreary, dull, false, lazy, lifeless, impulsive, insipid, strange, timid, unstable

HOMEWORK: Get your journal out and take the time during this cycle to address, in writing, the way that you currently feel about the direction that you’re taking. This is the time to bring new life into your vision and to revitalize the idea of giving birth to a new part of your life through your hopes, wishes and dreams.

To connect to m.o.n.e.y. for this cycle go out into the community and volunteer. Then notice how it feels to give when you may not feel that you have enough.

Ninth Lunation: The Love Moon

August 20 – September 17

I have found the secret of life, and I relax in the knowledge that the Activity of Divine Abundance is eternally operating in my life.
John Randolph Price

The first twelve days of this cycle continue to supply the opportunity for catching the wave of vital life force that constitutes our creative/sexual charge. Feel the connection to vibrant, accomplished, and rich possibility. Individualize yourself in some way. Look at your purpose and infuse your ideas and ideals with dynamic expectation. Most of all keep your own counsel and remain quietly involved. You may recall in the beginning of the year and in the main body of this article that it was stated: work diligently between January and through September, to birth what you truly want. In the second year of a cycle we are asked to patiently ‘be pregnant’ trusting that ‘the baby’ (the idea, the project) will ‘be born’ (you’ll sense a certain something) in September.

So now we’ve arrived. As we step into September we come to the point where the energy of the year meets us in concentrated form. This happens every year in the ninth month and it’s worth celebrating. Throughout 2018 we have been given time to quietly allow space for the new idea or vision (that was planted last year) to grow undetected, out of sight, and as we come to this place it’s beneficial to pause and get an Ultrasound. Listen in and tune in to the picture that lets you see how all is progressing.

We are ready now to birth what we’ve carried this far. As we push our project out into the light of day what we may notice is that we are more aware of our individual strength (as any mother feels at the time of giving birth) as it relates to the greater whole. This is a diplomatic vibe. We invite everyone to celebrate the momentous occasion! We remember that there is a village out there ready to support our new addition. This birth and all that led up to it shows us how we can make our difference, how we can add our voice.

I thought it might be interesting to insert a poetic descriptor of what this moon’s quality brings. I’m choosing William Martin’s contemporary translation of the Tao Te Ching titled The Sage’s Tao Te Ching.

An Infant At Her Mother’s Breast

Becoming a sage is like becoming an infant
once more at her mother’s breast,
peaceful and disturbed by no great worries.
It is like becoming homeless and wandering,
yet always at home wherever we are.
We are no longer excited at every little change of fortune.
Our minds are no longer filled with details
and have more room for spaces of silence.
Lofty goals and grand purposes have faded,
replaced by a willingness to drift
wherever the Divine current takes us.

KEYWORDS for attuning to this cycle: admiration, alert, awareness, awe, good companion, diplomatic, insightful, intuitive, love, patience, sexual flow, spontaneous, wakefulness, willingness, wonderment

KEYWORDS that take your energy away: disturbing, disruptive, emotional, grumpy, hurtful, insincere, insecure, irritable, moody, tactless, timid, touchy, unkind

HOMEWORK: When September arrives we are given thirty days to actualize the focus of this year. First celebrate the possibility then honor your accomplishments this year as one healthy cell in the body of the Universe. We truly can sing a love song. We can focus on the best for ourselves and our planet, if we choose.

To connect to m.o.n.e.y. for this cycle be open to increasing your ‘heart work’. The ‘Love’ moon is referring to love of life, love of work and the willingness to discover the passion of working in the arena of our deepest passion and our greatest love.

Tenth Lunation: The Experience Moon

September 18-October 17

I acknowledge the Inner Presence as the only activity in my financial affairs, as the substance of all things visible.
John Randolph Price

Once ‘the baby’ is born the real work begins. The two weeks that begin this cycle continue to deepen the connection to the recent birth and allows us time to bond. It might be smart to set up a support team to assist with the unexpected duties attendant to the new addition. I can highly recommend a Mastermind Support Group. I’ve been in one continuously for over twenty years and have come to depend upon the experience of the confidential encouragement that they provide. Don’t feel that you have to follow this format, create your own. Consider a variation on the theme and foster a support system to help carry you and your off spring forward.

October enters with a solid and grounding energy. Where September ‘brings us home’, each October gives us a preview of the coming year. What will be the global energy for 2018 and what will it provide? Collectively we will be under an umbrella of getting down to the real work of structure, building, learning to use time thoughtfully and well. 2018 will be about the balance act of knowing when to be active and when to be still. It will provide a global energy infusion of renewed sense of identity as citizens of the world. So now we can practice. October gives us focus. This cycle also taps us back into the energy that visited us in the first lunation of the year. Take a look back at January and reinforce the experience of that time period by imaging now what you might have done differently or better then.

KEYWORDS for attuning to this cycle: abundance, achievement, balance, beauty, co-create, dance, good fortune, fulfillment, inspiration, passion, playful, positive attitude, rewards, self expression, socialize, time, write a letter

KEYWORDS that take your energy away: betrayal, burdened, delays, exaggeration, fear, hurtful words, inconsiderate, intolerant, jealous, lost opportunities, malefic, material loss, restriction, scattered, self-centered, superficial, whining

HOMEWORK: The blend of energy that supplies the birth and then the attending to what has been born makes this a fine time for taking a good hard look at what you stand for. Once that task is accomplished be willing to change the parts of you that fall short of your best and brightest potential. Then dance.

To connect to m.o.n.e.y. for this cycle feel the presence of a new plan and a new outlook coming to greet you. Keep in mind the preview quality of this cycle.

Eleventh Lunation: The Introspection Moon

October 18 -November 15

My inner supply instantly and constantly takes on form and experience according to my needs and desires, and as the Principle of Supply on action…
John Randolph Price

For two weeks as this cycle begins we have the building toward death and rebirth that the wheel provides year after year. What a relief it can be to realize, with each turn of the wheel, that nothing lasts forever. What would be the point if there were no ‘death shore’ to move toward giving the life its true depth and import? The last part of October is leading us to the place of a natural shedding, dropping and burying of what is now through with being physical. And since the preview period is part of this movement it continues to be a time of noticing the way that we dance with death. In other words, with the push toward doing the work of the heart coming on strong for 2018 we can ‘die to the way’ we keep our lack of passion on life support. Don’t forget this year’s baby and how hard we worked to bring that vision, impregnated two years go now, into the world. Hold that ‘child’ of yours up to the sky and honor her. Celebrate the beginning of this part of your life as you simultaneously prepare to drop an aspect that is death and heavy to carry.

November brings ‘Introspection’ or a deepening of the experience of death and rebirth. The days of November bestow upon each of us a very large and magnificent energy gift. The energetic field that it brings is of a Master quality. Basically it recommends to us the choice of releasing our pain parts from a sense of suffering. The idea here is that to be born human is to be subject to pain. There really isn’t any way around that fact. We will hurt. It hurts to be born, it hurts to die and there will be wounds inflicted along the way. The energy visiting in November pulses a vibe that teaches that we can transmute the pain. This obviously is not easy but it can be done. Think of it as the real Ph.D. work of a life. We can turn our personal suffering into compassion for other living beings. We can use it as a tool for increasing awareness by recognizing that all living beings also feel pain.

Think BIG. Do the practical work of the world. Be willing to build a deeper foundation for the spiritual. Think construction. Be an architect of the idea that will benefit others. Take the time to commune with your Inner Guides and Wisdom Teachers.

A great teacher on the planet was Viktor E. Frankel who wrote the amazing book, Man’s Search for Meaning. I was fortunate enough to discover this book as a young woman shortly after enduring an unspeakable violence that I refused to give in to. In this book Frankel posed the pivotal question for my life. “Instead of saying ‘Why me?’ why not ask, ‘Why not me?’ I began to discover layer upon layer of strength rising up, slow but sure.

Note: You will notice a plethora of keywords for this cycle. This is due to the fact that we are all duly entitled to use the very best of what is offered by this Master energy moon and duly warned to refrain from falling into the ‘low road’ of what is listed here.

KEYWORDS for attuning to this cycle: accomplishments, advancements, Alpha and Omega, aspirations, better world, broad thinking, ethical, expert, firm friendships, fortune, genius, greatness, industry, introspection, limitless potential, material achievement, mountain-top, originality, practical solutions, practical uses, philanthropist, politics, professions, radiant energy, secure base, shape destiny, spiritual, strong opinions, super-conscious, transformation, vast wealth, victory, world-wide scale

KEYWORDS that take your energy away: cold, desire for power, emotional difficulties, extravagant, extreme, gambling, lower desires, negative control, overindulgence, overwork, subhuman, tense, uninteresting, unsolvable

HOMEWORK: Read a book that supplies you with courage and uplift. Rediscover a hero or a mentor for assistance in the area of your life where you know yourself to be gifted and talented. Honor your being. Acknowledge the countless gifts and miracles of the life that you have chosen. Consider new ways to share your strengths. Be the architect of your days.

To connect to m.o.n.e.y. for this cycle travel to your inner mountain top and survey the landscape of your dreams of what life could be for you when you truly allow it to work. Refresh your connection to this year’s earlier m.o.n.e.y. homework of The Non Human Program found in A Spiritual Philosophy for the New World by John Randolph Price.

Twelfth Lunation: The Strength Moon

November 16 – December 15

The Divine Consciousness that I am is forever expressing its true nature of Abundance. This is its responsibility, not mine. My only responsibility is to be aware of this Truth.
John Randolph Price

How auspicious it is that we receive sixteen more days to lean into the profound and far reaching energy that the current ‘death and rebirth’ cycle brings. To assist us let’s look at a poetic descriptor for the energy. That way we can each find our own way to go a little deeper if we choose.

I’ll access William Martin in The Sage’s Tao Te Ching and verse Twenty Two, which aligns with this master energy:

If Not You, Who?

A youth may have ambitious goals
but the sage has no need for ambition.
A youth strives for perfection
but the sage is content with imperfection.
A youth is always on guard against loss
but the sage has let go already.

despite the apparent advantages of youth,
it is the sage who shows the way.
It is the sage who can be trusted.
It is the sage who is the example to follow.
It is the sage who has succeeded.

You cannot fulfill your destiny
by hanging on to the qualities of youth.
If you do not display an alternative to blind ambition,
our world will be depleted beyond recovery.
If you do not live with acceptance and grace,
our world will be consumed by the fires of hate.
If you do not become the sage,
from where will guidance come?
If not you, who?

Come December and now we enter the close of the year and we are mid-cycle in this next-to-last moon. We actively move out of the Master energy of November and we briskly step into a quality of review and change.

Similar in feel to earlier in the year during the March segment of the third lunation this current time line asks for a tempered and a measured approach to the tasks at hand. Remember the references to strength during last month? Now we truly feel that potency.

Throughout the year, each in our own way, we’ve been tuned into the creative/sexual charge of this second year in the current nine year pattern. We work in nine year cycles, which end to end constitute a decade, with the idea that each twelve-month walk around the wheel of life offers us a global umbrella of energy to bring us into harmony.

The beauty of 2018 is that moon by month the umbrella over our heads has been one of mastership and accomplishment. We’re all in this together and ‘there’s only one of us here’. In December the change that is asked is that of being still and embracing what you know deeply.

The name of each month upon the wheel tells us a bit about how we can proceed to spiral year upon year as we walk ’round. To move through the names is to create pathways into the central collective consciousness of the ancestral lineage pulsing through us all.

January brings the concept of Cleansing, leading to February’s Renewal and the Purity of March. At spring’s turn we begin the next path leading into the center comprised of April’s Clarity, the Wisdom of May and the Illumination of June. Here we turn onto the path of summer with July’s Growth, the Trust we find in August leading to September’s Love. Here we enter the quieting of autumn and the path of Experience in October leading to Death and Rebirth in November followed by our present position for aligning with Strength.

The wheel offers a beautiful way to invest in time with a focus. And, now, we are given a perfect place for our review.

KEYWORDS for attuning to this cycle: abundance, adventure, agreements, clever, contracts, constant change, esteem, fame, fiery, honor, improvement, loyal, marriage, material gain, passion, peers, progress, protection, quick decisions, willingness

KEYWORDS that take your energy away: degenerate, ego bound, opposition, patronizing, quarrels, selfish, severe, temper

HOMEWORK: Go on adventure. Develop freedom of expression. Communicate honestly.

To connect to m.o.n.e.y. for this cycle make an investment in your best creative ideas. Communicate realistically with yourself identifying and expressing the dedication that you have forged for nurturing your new part, birthed this year.

Thirteenth Lunation: The Cleansing Moon

December 16 – January 14, 2019

I draw into my mind and heart and feeling nature the very substance of Spirit. This substance is my supply…
John Randolph Price

There is something to be said for having two moons each year dedicated to the concept of cleansing. For many years we gathered each month on the first Saturday to delve into the mystery and opportunity offered by conscious contact with the wheel. When we arrived at the cleansing point it seemed that we would drop into a bit of confusion. How do we cleanse? What is in need of cleansing? And inevitably each of us would make discoveries throughout the day.

By the close of the day we would have rich and insightful creative works that would help all gathered to further their own understanding of what takes place as we once more cross the threshold at the solstice into what is symbolically the darkest part of the year. It’s here where we can make the climb down into the underworld to look shadow in the eye. It is here that we can turn within with a conscious commitment to clearing away any accumulated debris; physically, emotionally or spiritually. The energy that continues for the two weeks of the cycle extends a hand to assist since it reminds us to review and release. When that is done space is made.

January of 2018 shows us that we can walk right into the first two weeks of the New Year with the desire to build joyfully and with much more awareness of what we stand for. Now we will find it to our advantage to be the author of our experience and to focus upon our inner gifts. That will be the hallmark of the year for all; celebrating the new part that we have witnessed giving birth to collectively.

Don’t neglect the keywords that show what takes energy away for each cycle and don’t be naïve, there are many baby souls on the planet who have not received the nurturing and care that we address here. There will always be opposite energies to learn from. We’re lucky to be walking the wheel together seeking harmony and harmlessness toward all. To do so is of benefit and supports the best of what we can be.

KEYWORDS for attuning to this cycle: ability, action, benefit, clear path, command, counselor, decisions, diplomat, emissary, feeling of strength, form, go for it, order, peace maker, personal law, structure, vision, work,

KEYWORDS that take your energy away: barriers, blues, dark, depressing, difficulty, disorder, doubt, dreary, fear, intolerance, I can’t, I won’t, lackluster, stupid, tedious

HOMEWORK: Communicate from your heart to someone you trust. Ask them to witness your commitment to moving into the global energy of 2018 with the dedication to being true to you. Following the birth of the goal last September we now have this nine months/moons between January and September to bring structure to the goal. It’s time to begin to guide that baby we birthed.

To connect to m.o.n.e.y. for this cycle create, create, create.


You knock at the door of reality. You shake your wings, loosen your shoulders, and open.

2018 in the cycle of Universal Years has offered the chance for philosophical study leading to a strengthening of our self worth. It has showed us what we are made of as adults and elders. It has instilled within us a force for way-showing love and an ability to master a capacity for patience and spiritual ideals.

Each day continues to have the power to change us forever. This year we have been pregnant with our new selves. The millennium of the 2000’s teaches us that we are here for the purpose of ‘Being Peace’…to birth freedom from strife.

A commitment to peace within requires continual practice. Our individual experience indicates where we need to release the past so as to allow a new and vital life force to come through.

I trust that you have crafted for yourself a relaxed and accepting 2018. May we all think, feel and demonstrate harmlessness, oneness and joy in building communities of Peace.