Personal Year Number 9

Number 9Personal Year Number 9 it is the end of a cycle lasting nine years, a phase in which you are called to review all the aspects of your life and to take true and personal stock of what you have obtained and what you are proud of and also what you have not managed to achieve. It is also a phase in which you will be able to show what you should or want to change.

The year 2016 it is a very delicate and complex year of your life in which you might realise that what was important for you in the past is no longer important. You will notice that your values, your principles and your priorities have changed and that there have been experiences for you in this cycle that have changed you.

There can be moments of confusion, of loss in which you will have to accept the fact that perhaps some of your expectations have disappointed you, but all of them open the road to new beginnings.

It is a year  in which you will feel the need to do something for others, to devote yourself to a social activity and to give part of you to others; when this happens you will feel more satisfied and you will find it gives new meaning back to what you do.

It is possible that some situations could terminate in the Personal Year 9, projects on which you worked in the past, relationships that no longer offer you anything and friendships that do not reflect your present values. If this happens you will be called to give inner space to you and to let go of what is not useful anymore and that, on the contrary, hinders your evolution. With this catharsis you will be able to move next year into a new cycle of life lighter, but also more conscious of what you have become.