Personal Year Number 8

Number 8The key word of year number 8 is personal power.  Personal Year 8 is a year in which you will be able to take important steps ahead, acquire important positions in a professional field, receive promotions and personal and economic recognition and new roles with responsibilities.

It is a period that, compared to the introspection of number 7, will stimulate your ambitions most. It is a phase of your life in which you will have to face important decisions, to manage situations that are also complicated, in which you will have to demonstrate competence and resoluteness, but which will offer you the possibility of obtaining remarkable goals in the professional and economic fields.

The most favoured dimension in the year number 8  is work, which will require great commitment and remarkable energy from you, but that, at the same time, will give you great satisfaction. You will be awarded for the work that you have done in past and for the qualities and ability that you have been able to demonstrate up to now. What is asked of you is an enterprise and ability of taking opportunities without hesitation and fear.

Your confidence and your authoritativeness will increase and others will follow you, respect you and recognise your leader’s role. 2016 is a very important year in your life that precedes the closing of a cycle of nine years and that represents the maximum expression of your personal potential.