Personal Year Number 7

Number 7 Personal Year2016 it is a year that will ask for a pause for personal reflexion, in which you will be called to do important work via introspection to include some aspects of your personality and to increase your consciousness level.

It might be a phase of life in which you are led to isolate yourselves, to come away from your habitual circle of friends, to cut your personal space to devote yourself to cultural and spiritual interests. It is not a year in which you should undertake new activities and new projects or in which you take on new responsibilities: it would be instead advisable to reduce the rhythm of your work and in general to commit to engagements and to dedicate more time to yourselves.

2016 it is a year in which you should revise what has been done in the past and to plan your own future on completely different foundations, based on the confiscated experiences. It is a year of transition and of expectation during which you will have a way of seeing things with greater detachment and objectiveness and of reconsidering if you are travelling in the right direction to reach your goal.

The most favoured activities to keep you busier in 2016 will be study, with the possibility of broadening your knowledge and your horizons, and writing because it will allow you to revise and to supplement the experience acquired. In fact, you will be able to count on a remarkable ability to analyse and concentrate. What is asked of you is to work more on yourselves for the purpose of growth and improvement; in fact, it is not unusual to discover particular talents and an ability that you didn’t know you had.