Personal Year Number 6

Number 6Number 6 Personal Year will require you to have a greater sense of responsibility, pay greater attention and be more open towards your family, relationships and friendships. The key word for number 6 is “personal relations”. It can be a period in which you might put yourselves on second level, accept compromises for the good of others and sacrifice your requirements for those of your domestic life or your partner.

2016 it is not a year impressed with achieving targets and personal or working fulfilment, but a period of correction and refinement, in which you will be able to consolidate previously guided situations, bringing modifications and improvements and without great revolutions or changes. It is a year in which everything will seem to go slowly without great emotions and twists in which you will have to learn to enjoy the little things that daily life offers you.

You will have more time at your disposal to enjoy your home, to make contact again with people whom you have not seen for a long time, devote yourself to those matters that for a long time have been left hanging and you never had time to do and, basically, you will enter into a relationship with your privacy.

Personal Year 6 it will particularly favour domestic life and the couple who will cross a period of harmony and of serenity and in which you will be able to finally give something more. The important thing is that you are willing to accept slower rhythms and that you manage to appreciate the warmth and intimacy that this year will give you.