Personal Year Number 4

Number 4Personal Year 4, compared to number 3 Personal Year in which you were emerging in 2015, brings more frivolous and easygoing hopes and it brings you immediately back to the hard reality and to a more concrete and pragmatic vision of life. It is a year in which hard commitments will be requested of you, so much work, spirit of sacrifice, perseverance, concentration, responsibility, concreteness and ability of administrating and managing with order and method, without seeing the immediate results.

It can turn out to be a rather stressful period and it will seem that all your work does not lead to anything obvious and that, for each step ahead, completed through great labour, there is always something to be abandoned. There is also a moment in which it is necessary to reorganise your life from all points of view, to see again and find a way of making it work, always in relation to the most practical and material aspect of things.

What is asked of you is an attentive review of the choices that you have made in the past at relationship level, in relation to work and investments, a true test-bed from which you will leave more organised and more mature. It is a phase of life in which responsibilities will increase and you will have the sensation you must put more energy into things compared to the past when this seemed unnecessary.

However, all you will conquer from you labours in Personal Year 4,will last over time and will bring you much satisfaction and fulfilment in the future. You will have to pay a lot more attention in 2016 to your physical shape and particularly to keeping a more regular and controlled life because your energy mood will be rather low and will be much less resistant at physical level.