Personal Year Number 3

Number 3Personal Year Number 3 it is a positive year especially for social relations and for communication in general. It is a phase of your life in which you are vital, cheerful, brilliant and sociable. You will be spurred on by your acquaintances to expand and you will have the possibility of establishing new friendships and new interests.

Also, in the working and sentimental fields, new collaborations and very positive love stories might occur. It is a period in which it will be difficult to hold you back, to feel a lesser presence of the sense of duty and of responsibility and you will have the desire to live all experiences with great intensity, devoting yourself to more activities and at the same time risking becoming dispersive and inconsistent.

In short, in 2016,  you will have the possibility of taking space for you that allows you to go and enjoy life, but remember not to exaggerate and always keep in mind your goals and priorities. And besides, it is a favourable year to best express your creativity and your communicative talents and particularly favours all the activities that deal with communication and with written documents.

While on a personal and creative level it can be a very positive year, from the point of view of investments and of business you will have to be instead particularly attentive not to undertake initiatives or to sign consent with too much ease. Here your very frivolous, adolescent side will emerge, which is not so concrete and unwilling to take responsibility and therefore you might take decisions in a not so farsighted way without realising there might be real consequences.

Number 3 Personal Year might not be particularly positive for your finances. If so, don’t worry, the following year 4 will counterbalance this negative trend for your pockets, putting you firmly back on your feet.