Personal Year Number 2

Number 2This year, Personal Year 2, following year number 1 in which the sowing has happened, is necessary to consolidate the initiatives undertaken. 2016 it is a year of expectation and of verification, a year in which advisable life is a spectator rather than protagonist, from the point of view of refinement and of development of what has been undertaken in the previous year.

it is a period in which you consolidate and accumulate certainties. It is not necessary to wait for the resolution of problems or an improvement in situations in the short term, instead, you are going towards a very positive phase to establish collaborations and to build relations that will prove to be very important in the future.

Personal Year 2 it is a year not devoid of obstacles, delays and situations that become unblocked, therefore you might encounter attitudes of intolerance and of impatience while the ability comes to you and you are asked especially to wait and have patience. It is a phase of your life in which you must learn to co-operate with others and to offer a little contribution in terms of work or of support to someone close to you.

It is besides important to take care of the little things, the details which you don’t usually consider. This is a year that might put you to the test especially on emotional level. There will be moments in which you will feel anxious, restless, with remarkable mood swings and in these reefs you will have to learn to contain your emotions and your anxieties, remaining calm, cordial and disposable towards others. Two is a year that asks you to work on your emotions that might have to do with the past, with your childhood and there may be moments of depression.

On working level during Number 2 Personal Year you will have to co-operate with others in a productive way and if in the past you have been accustomed to working alone and to never delegating to others, you might encounter difficulties especially if you are not able to put in discussion certain old schemes.

As far as regards the sphere of affection, relations are favoured, especially the important ones that can be consolidated in the form of marriage or co-habitation. If you are married, 2016 it is a favourable year to give intensity and depth back to your marriage.