Personal Year Number 1

Personal Year 1For you Personal Year 1 indicates the beginning of a new cycle in 2016  that will last nine years. This year carries the promise of new and stimulating adventures, but also of new challenges that will characterise your life for the next nine years.

It is a very important phase of your life in which you will have to understand what your priorities are, what are the goals and the objectives that you want to achieve with a concrete plan. It will be a year where you will work solidly, in which you will be able to share new projects, new activities and start new collaborations in which you will be supported by an incredible energy and pushed by strong personal motivation.

Number 1 Personal Year it is a year in which you might feel a true and personal call to make a decisive turning point in your life, to change important things in relation to all the aspects of your existence, on the level of work, affection, family and friendships and you will have to be ready to receive it; otherwise, if you will not be ready to make a clean cut with the past and go to receive the new, you might lose the most important occasions and you will have to wait for another cycle of nine years in order for them to be represented.

What is asked of you at the beginning of this cycle is a spirit of enterprise and of adventure, courage, the desire of going towards the new without fear of losing what belongs to the past and what you will have to let go of because it is no longer appropriate for you and, on the contrary, it might hinder your growth. If you will manage to give space to all that again might enter into your life it will be a year in descent into which the greatest part of the problems and the disappointments of the past will aim to disappear. It is the most important year to exploit at best!