Personal Year 9

Personal Year 9: A Year of Completion

Personal Year 9This is the closing year of your nine-year cycle. You will start preparing for the year in which you will start your cycle anew. This won’t start until 2016, so you have the whole year to get rid of things, thoughts, situations that are not serving you well. This includes acquaintances that are no longer making a positive difference in your quality of living.

Some relationships may be harming you more than they help you. Though it may be difficult to let go, some things simply outlive their usefulness to you. Try not to hold on to something or someone who needs its freedom. Letting go gives you more liberty to do your thing and that can be a good thing. Do your best to be more understanding and tolerant with life in general.

When you start something, be sure that you can finish before the year is out. This is not the year for you to sign on to some wild “get rich quick” scheme. Justice will be served to you to the degree that you have practiced it yourself. Whether you have been a decent, honest and positive human being or if you have been less than perfect; well; you will experience the same in proportion.

The wonder of it all is that you are able to learn from your mistakes and make plans for a positive and good beginning and a new life in the year to come. These words may seem a bit strong, but “it is what it is” and it is indeed the end of the nine year personal cycle.

For those of you who have equated wealth to dollars will find that true wealth is not measured by “stuff” you have, but by the content of your heart. Service to humanity is ultimately the thing that brings the peace of mind we so desperately seek.

This is a year for going over the last 8 years of your life and to finish the physical projects you have dangling. Look into health issues, yours or those of someone close to you. There are so many problems that can be prevented if you go with your gut feeling. Do not ignore symptoms. You will be asked to look at the “state of the union” of your mental, physical and emotional life. Get rid of the thoughts and things that are not serving you or mankind in a positive way.

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