Personal Year 8

Personal Year 8: A Money Year

8 YearMoney and all things it can buy are front and center. This is a year for business and financial dealings. It could be a big money year. This is a great year for taking advantage of the opportunities that come your way in commerce.

Although chances abound for successful commercial activities, be aware that it takes money to take advantage of these ventures.

This can be a good period for buying and selling anything, including real estate. Seek the counsel of a trusted professional before making a final decision on the big transactions.

This is your year for harvest and you will reap what you have sown for the past few years. Karma can be a bitch. The #8 is said to be the “harvest” year, Keep in mind that if you have not taken care of your business in an honest and forthright way, it can be a year for the collection of karmic debts.

Family members may ask for your assistance. Help them, by pointing out ways for them to help themselves. Legal matters can be settled with more ease this year than last. A key word to remember this year is business. Take care of your own.

The #8 year path can have many stumbling blocks along the way, but you must remind yourself that they are sometimes timing mechanisms. These sticking points can open your eyes to the pathways you can use to help you achieve goals that are more lucrative for you. Avoid jumping to conclusions about anyone or any situation.

You will gain much more by being business like and tactful. Pray for peace in the world and know that it begins in your heart. Good thoughts beget good things. We are facing very troubled times in our world and we can no longer ignore what is going on around us.

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