Personal Year 6

Personal Year 6: A Year of Adjustment

Personal Year 6Commitments are made or broken in this your number six personal year. Corrections of a positive kind can be concerning debts that you owe as well as money owed to you.

There are adjustments to be made in romance and or family relationship issues. This could mean a marriage or divorce literally or in a broader sense of the word. You will be held accountable for your deeds, especially in May. Responsibility to family and the obligation to serve humanity is paramount. In family, be especially mindful of the children and their emotions, for you are teaching them by your example.

Guard your health and be willing to give extra attention to a loved one whose health is not what it should be. Young men and women will be asked to pay attention to the goings on in our country. It’s going to take much more participation on everyone’s part if we expect to insure the future of the planet. If more people don’t start paying attention to what is happening in the USA and Washington DC in particular, we will soon be in as bad a shape as the people in the countries where there is no such thing as middle class. Duty calls, and it is everyone’s job to pay attention to what is happening and to make their voices heard loud and clear. With today’s technology and the freedoms we still have here, it has never been easier to speak up for what is right. Everyone must do his part.

The key word for this year is responsibility. We are all responsible for our environment and we sit here and watch the earth regurgitate because it is being saturated by venomous toxins at a rate that is terminal It is being poisoned daily by people and corporations motivated by sheer insatiable greed.

This is a year for tweaking the strings to bring a better sense of harmony in your life. Examine your assets as well as your liabilities. Settle up with people that you are indebted to and collect from those who owe you monies, favors or time.

This is a year where marriage or divorces are likely if you are already on that path. Pay extra attention to your home work and the needs of loved ones and don’t take anything for granted. Nurture the loved ones in your immediate circle and pay homage to the ones who made it possible for you to be where you are.

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