Personal Year 4

Personal Year 4: A Year of Hard work

Personal Year 4This is a year in which you are setting the foundations. It is a year of hard work and getting back to the basics of life. While the world outside is gathering up what is left of a chaotic three year period, your personal world is hunkering down in order to set a solid establishment for the grand experience that will come when that is accomplished.

This, your number four personal year is a time in which you are laying the groundwork for what you will achieve in the next few years. Work best describes your main focus for the entire year. Put your nose to the grindstone and pay close attention to business.

You may need some outside help but it is essential to personally make sure the details have been properly handled. Do your best to disconnect from the petty anxieties that will only hinder your progress. The year will be much more difficult for you if you procrastinate. There is no way you can trust someone else to do all of the things that must be done to be successful. You are it, so roll up your sleeves and get busy.

Finally the time for indecision is no longer and you are in charge of your own destiny. You always were, but the difference is that you know it now and you can steer your own wheel with the knowledge that you do indeed reap what you sow in your own personal world.

Take care of your physical health and remember that dental health is just as important as any other aspect. Preventive measures should be utilized from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. You must guard your health during this time period. Do not ignore any symptoms of disease in your body. You must be pro active where physical condition is concerned. Eat right, exercise and get rest. Your body is like your automobile. The food you eat and the exercise you get determines how well it performs for you.

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