Personal Year 22

Your 2015 Personal Year is the master number of the “Master-builder.” Its numerology meanings reveal its force as a potent conditioning power.

Associated with both the moon (the two 2s) and Uranus/Saturn (4), the relationship between emotional (moon) detachment (4) and one’s connections (moon) to community (4) are pronounced.

Domestic matters that are unfavorable can call for solutions (or the working of plans for solutions that can take place at a favorable time) may become prominent. Personal genius is also quite likely to be brushed up against, and the internal (moon) realm can become utterly changed.

If matters go too far out of balance (oppressive to you in unbearable ways), working with sun symbols can help to repel negative manifestations of this energy. Works created for the betterment of community are blessed during this period; working intentfully to receive assistance in service to others is well-met. The zodiacal houses in relationship to the Moon, Uranus, and Saturn are significant this year.

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