Personal Year 11

Your 2015 Personal Year is the number of visionary mastery. It brings the arts, depth-sciences, personal magnetism, and matters of diplomacy to the surface.

Learning to be more accommodating is important under this vibration. The two 1s can produce a “power vs. power” affect that only be worked with by overcoming ego and meeting the other power on a diplomatic playing field or else no one wins, and stalemate occurs.

Moon symbols can help to balance the ego when it is most needed this year. Likewise, sun symbols can help you find your center when you feel you might be placed in a “pushover” position. Animals, children, and women will respond well to under this energy. Your kindness and the magnetism of your nurturing aspects will be enhanced.

Your arts can reveal extreme visionary depths in this energy, and you may unveil an important vision for the benefit of the all. The natal houses your sun and moon connect with are prominent this year.

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