Personal Year 1

Personal Year 1: A Year of Beginnings

Personal Year 1You personally now start the projects that have been on your mind. Last year you cleaned the cobwebs from your closets symbolically if not physically. Now is the time to restructure your way of thinking and to look at some of the old things in a brighter light.

There will be a new significance to the things you may have taken for granted in the past. It is like springtime, and your life can be refreshed. There is nothing that you cannot do if you put your mind to it.

You have entered into one of the nine-year cycles, which mold and shape your life for the better part of the next decade. There will be opportunities for new directions and new acquaintances. Some of the things that are started this year may possibly last the entire cycle of nine. Since the one stands alone, you will be the instigator of these new ventures and you will also be the one making things happen.

There should be little outside interference to your endeavors. You can expect many new things to come into your life.

The #1 personal year promises to be a busy one. The most important thing for you to remember year is that you have the ability to start out on a brand new path. Opportunities to do things that have been only in your dreams thus far are now doable.

Progress is quickened in the spiritual, emotional or physical aspects of your life and possibly all three. This is a very personal thing for you and you will have to plan much of it alone. Even though there will be little or no help from outside forces, there should be no hindrances and that is the up side.

You may move to a new place, or you may start a new life during this year because anything is possible. The vibrations for the world as a whole deal with the need to create harmony and good will. That will certainly be a refreshing change after the chaos of 2014. Your vibes are exciting and full of promise. You are in a position to improve your life and the lives of many others who are important to you.

Strive to keep your senses sharp and alert so you will recognize and take advantage of every opportunity you can.

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